Would be nice if this useless company would update us when they are screwing around with updates.  How about an update Flare?


  like something like this:


Cups are now the most useless thing in the game, TOP 10 list has been a joke for a while now - but we really decided to make it completely worthless.  We dont want players chatting and hanging out in their alliance chat and having a good time without being attacked - we want you to play this 24-7 and spend food and gems!  Thus we have decided you will be attacked over and over and over when online forcing you to battle back or just giving up.  Please ignore trophies and cups from this point on as we have detroyed that entire system.  Please focus on Wars since thats all thats left to do in this game now but good luck enjoying a war when if you ever get strong enough you will only have to fight 4 top alliances at once because the pansies will refuse to fight each other and instead gang up on who ever else is on map -  since we have decided to make fiefdoms rewards so close  from 1st to 3rd rather than making 1st place take 200 fiefdoms and 3rd place 10 fiefdoms for example with a doom gate needing something like 10K fiefdoms to get stronger maybe then we would see those top 4 actually fight each other, but we dont want to upset them,  so that will not happen.


In our next update we will attempt to stop anyone from relaxing after any accomplishments, we feel its not fair enough that to beat a good base you get 4-7 cups and to lose to the same base you lose 20-30 cups.   in our next update we will make sure you only win 1 cup and lose 40…oops we apologize - we already ruined the trophy system , please disregard next update.



please give us update on your next post that you’re really quit :slight_smile:

maybe he already quit and dont open forum anymore haha

This is actually a good idea which was implemented in many games but HIGH LEVEL PLAYERS never liked this feature anywhere !!!

As long as my gold is still protected when online, I’m ok with that. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d see you here tomorrow complaining “UGH FLARE HOW CAN PEOPLE GAIN GOLD WHEN PEOPLE KEEP STEALING IT UGGHHHH?!”

Haha, good joke.