Flare ID

 I know we have stuffs like Facebook, one drive , Google play, icloud to save data’s regarding game…

All these  connected with Flare servers…

But what if someone wants to retire and give his I’d to someone else to play further…In that case it will be helpful…By logging to Flare I’d we can unlink our Facebook I’d so that the new player can link his Facebook and enjoy the game…

Also it will open ways for many more possibility  :wink:

It’s actually not allowed. You cannot give your ID to another player

Correction: You cannot give another your ID if that player already has an account

By Flares Terms of Service it is not allowed to transfer (or sell) your account to another player, please keep that in mind.

You already can already transfer your account without FB, Google and Cloud Services to get it on another device. Only one transfer per year is allowed, I think.
If procedure has not changed during the last years you get a code you can enter on the other device. So that already works similar to the requested ID.