Flare in Trouble



The best part of that article is “With a subscription, you can comment on this article.”  :wink:

Lol yes


Commentators subscription pack 

I figured Flare was hurting with the one time offers and the crazy price point on subscriptions. Hopefully if worse comes to worse Flare can sell RR2. But my wife is rooting against that.?

I just hope it’s a false news.

I’m not an expert of business or of marketing, but I have some ideas (however I’m not available for job offers).

It will be awesome end of this drug

but lets hope Flare will be fine, its many people and hope they will save their job

I do like this game for it’s pros or cons.  Good entertainment for 3.5 years.  Hope it continues



Laten we hopen, maar de laatste ontwikkelingen geven helaas de tegengestelde signalen.

I mean when a game pretending be free, becomes in short time an almost pay to play game .

You get daily discountpackages for achievements you achieved months ago.

It all are not good signs

I hope i’m wrong coz some spent here tons off money in the game zo others could play in the way they prefered

I spended a lot. But i spended for fun, not for game) 

if game will closed -fine, time to make my wife happy)

if i will play- fine to

The topic created and the post written by FedUpWithFlare are related to the whole company and not to a respective single game. I don’t want Florian /Flothaboss to lose his job.

I only would say that thanks to those who spent lot off money, lot can play for free or almost for free.

If i can read well, it isn’t flaregames that is in trouble, but the holding which flaregames is part off is in trouble.  But in fact it doesn’t make much difference. It is a part off flare holding.


I wrote all my posts in English. Why are your quotes in another Language?

I write it in english, but sometimes my tablet translate it automaticly in Dutch. 

It looks like there is some kind of “hole” in the german insolvency law,
which can be used to get rid of on average 50% of debt, also let the
tax payers pay for the salaries of the employees for a few months,
and continue afterwards like nothing happened.

So: nothing to see here, move on :grinning:

RR2 is a cash cow for Flare. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have add all the pay to play content. They will sell RR2 to another company. I had a feeling they needed money with the subscriptions. Top players will not keep alliance subscriptions. They may have them now but they are a poor value for most. They introduce them with 10 new levels which means some will buy short term to help there team. 

Flare should have had a alliance subscription for 15.00a month and gave you a extra 300% tax rate anytime within a 24 hour time frame. You automatically feel ripped off knowing you’re going to miss one. They could have offered something for the whole alliance base on number of subscriptions other than gems too(maybe Forging pals). I feel this whole time it was nothing more than a cash grab. They could have had thousands vs hundreds.

@Nikko Any word from Flare on this? 

You are right, good things will be sold.  But the question is that a game that last allready 4 years and lost so many players is interested to but.

Flare could do great things with this game, but in my opinion,  took sometimes the wrong decission.  But who am I?