Flare, is this what you wanted?

Our alliance ‘Heroes of the realm’ ranked 200 is in a tough battle for first place with Empire of the Sun. When we finally went head to head yesterday for 1st place we went to sleep leading 65k to 51k but woke up to find we’d lost and they made a late surge to 73k skulls, 12k more than they made in any of their battles in day 1-3. Good for them. But… Their highest trophy player had attked our highest trophy player repeatedly using scrolls to the point our player made over 100 gems from this one player, who was scrolling to beat her, then no doubt buying skulls in the chamber. Today we are in a rematch and with 7 hours to go are ahead 70k to 62k. Again this player is attacking our player with scrolls and to a lesser extent their second player is doing the same. She has made over 200 gems and been attacked by those two over 45 times. How much food did that cost? How many gems did the scrolling cost? Exactly how many skulls did these two buy in the chambers? Thousands?


This is skill? Or pay to win? Certainly good for Flare’s revenues but bad for the integrity of the game. Skulls in chests was a terrible idea.  Its one thing to lose to a good opponent who just flat out beats you. One respects that. But its not a good feeling if you feel victory goes to the highest bidder.

Well, this is what we get after many players complaining about the grinding required in wars, now fg came out with a ‘solution’ to reduce the grinding time needed by giving option to ‘buy’ them in chest to get quick skulls. Now i don’t say that it was you, but now you can see what happen after so many complaining… Most changes granted by FG will come back to bite you in the behind…


And always remember that FG is smart enough to put some element that connected to their salary with every updates demanded by players… so be careful with your wishes/demands…

They beat us in the last battle 86k to 83k. We exceeded our previous best skull count by 15k skulls despite little or no participation from 4 members. We spend more on boosts for this one battle than ever before, by far. Essentially wasting millions of alliance gold for nothing and finishing 2nd, which we would have done even if spending 5 million less. 28k of Empire’s 86k came from attacking just one player, our highest lvl player, who at lvl 88 is 6 or so lvls higher than our next highest. She made hundreds of gems from being scrolled, mostly by Empires highest lvl player who spent a fortune. If we’d shielded her they would have just moved on to an easier player.


I scored 6000 skulls in this battle, over 3000 skulls higher than my previous best, which was 2000 higher than any other team member, several of who also had personal bests. Over 2000 of my skulls came from the chamber of fortune.  I started attacking 2 players, one of whom I used no scrolls on, one who I would usually use a blessing against. Then pay gems in Chamber of fortune to buy skulls. So there it is; I doubled my personal best, partly by grinding, but mostly from flat out buying 2000-2500 skulls. Not winning them. Buying them. I did not want to resort to this tactic, but found what Empire and their top player were doing to be distasteful and did not want to lose that way.


So a single player can now EASILY buy thousands of skulls. I feel our alliance squandered a lot of precious time, dollars and resources wasting our time on what has become victory for sale war season. Putting skulls in chests was idiotic and greedy. I feel the game is now broken.

Also, this is the first time in ages we have lost to an alliance basically our own level and not ranked >50 lvls higher than us. For our lvl we are tough. We had strongly boosted defenses for our lvl. We were damn tough for our level of play and never boosted up quite that much ever before. But it is now pointless to boost up, because while the majority of an attacking alliances players struggle against you, a handful of their players can just buy a victory. Why bother to boost in a future season? You don’t know if the other alliances is going to have a fatcat who will just buy a win and make your boosts irrelevant.

Dragons aren’t very great right now anyway…

You can be more tactical about it:


  1. Use a war shield on your highest player since he is so high.
  2. Coordinate your alliance to make sure they all use boosts only during a brief window of time so you don’t have to pay too much.
  3. Kick your highest player for the war and send him to HUNS, lol, and kick anyone with a poor defense. We’ll send back your top guy, we promise. It’s not like we’ll try to convince him around the clock about how cool HUNS is, and how our boosts are 24/7, and how we don’t ahve to grind because all we do is win. :slight_smile:


NONE OF THESE ARE IDEAL SOLUTIONS. I’m just trying to be helpful until Flare remedies these issues. :slight_smile:


(And yes, skulls in the chamber of fortune are maddening. They don’t help the average player gain a war chest, so yeah, they’re only good for the P2W guys.)

Or you can also start tracking the players that complained about too much grinding that ‘forced’ flare to give us a ‘solution’ , make a list, then blame them all… i remember reading the post of edward the 7th, he was one of them… you can start from there…

HUNS actually is pretty cool, I have to admit. They don’t always win, but they’re at least chill about it.

P.S. Feel sorry for you in last war season. Squished between two monsters. Please forgive me for attacking you, I only needed the chests v.v

Blookie, thanks. We shielded a weak higher lvl plyr whose base isn’t as good as it could be. It wouldn’t have helped to shield our highest plyr. She made them have to scroll harder. It would have been a tiny amount of extra skulls they were gaining due to her lvl, the vast majority of their skulls came from chamber of fortune. I’m guessing they bought over 20k skulls versus maybe a few hundred at most from picking on her versus a weaker player.


Thanks for the offer. :slight_smile:


If you really want to help us, recruit Empire of the Sun’s top player and take his wealth to one of the top alliances where he can buy victories for you too. He could single handedly take down SK.,And it would get him out of our part of the galaxy, where the little people live.


Ps just to be clear, Can’t be certain, but I think we would have beaten Empire handily. But doesn’t matter if you manhandle 90% of their players if 1-2 are willing to spend whatever it takes to buy skulls.


Just wondering: Do you think most Top 50 alliances grind? I find it to be Top 20.


HUNS is at a glorious intersection between community, laughter, and competitiveness. I can count the numbers of battles where I’ve had to grind on one hand. Even one finger. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s very crazy at the very top, I hear. I saw one fb post of ~500k skulls. Yikes! And my buddy in North Alliance said their battle went north (pun intended!) of 600k. In a way it seems crazy and in a way it seems fun. There’s a thrill to it, but I can see how not everyone is into that (and probably a superhuge majority).


Whatever it is, sorry to hear of the loss. I hope there was some excitement for you. Let me know if you ever want to visit HUNS! No pressure to stay/grind. But you might be coerced into laughter. lololol


PS. I’ll recruit the guy from Empire. And then we’ll steal all his money when he’s not looking and send him back poor and unable to grind. Then you guys steal all his boosts next war. :slight_smile:

Blookie, I was in a top 50 in a previous incarnation, but never a top 20. My impression is the game becomes less fun at higher levels, less diversity of play. Probably even worse in the top 20s. But the game is now less fun at all lvls with the absolute pay to win reality skulls in chests create. Now you can attk the same ply over and over, know their base like the back of your hand, time everything perfectly and just grind away for hours buying thousands of skulls in the chests. Groundhog day on steroids. In what universe is that fun?  If not fixed I predict an exodus of players. People who think the chests don’t make a big difference are severely misinformed.


Flare can just make it more direct and less camouflaged. Beside the Donate button add a new button that says “Make best offer for first place.” Whoever pledges the most dollars is the victor! Congratulations, you are #1, whoohooo!!!


We are already there, but with lipstick on the pig.

Up to alliance rank 200 or so, 65k skulls will win most war seasons. If 1-2 crazy players can buy 20k skulls in the chamber of fortune then it breaks the entire war season.  Instead of no one player in an alliance being able to add more than 2% additional skulls beyond their top 3 battles, which is a relatively small amount of bonus skulls that will only make a difference in the closest of battles, now one or two crazy players can add 10- 20k skulls buying from chamber of fortune. Now an alliance with a single sugar daddy can buy the win. Above the 200 rank of alliances, 24/7 boosts are rare. Alliance gold is limited and you have to balance growth vs boosts and decide if a boost is worth it and can you afford it? Is this where you should use the limited alliance resources? But with skulls in chests, it can be pointless for a mid-level alliance to boost up during war season. You have no way of knowing if the other alliance has a sugar daddy who will make your boosts irrelevant.  Now at the beginning of a war season you can’t do the calculus about who will be your strongest competition and how you should maneuver through the season. Instead the major question now is “do any of these enemy alliances have a sugar daddy?” Is it pointless to boost for this battle? Should we just go farm gold instead? For sure we aren’t going to get in a bidding war with the other alliance to see who can buy the most skulls in the chamber.


Flare made a heck of a lot more $$$ of our alliance this past war season than any previous season as we tried to understand and counter how our rivals skull count was suddenly soaring, but now that we know we won’t go down that path again. Maybe we’ll just quit playing if this is the new normal.

No personal accusations please.

I think 99% of all players want less grinding, and indeed many told their opinion. If flare then introduces skulls from chests that don’t reduce grinding actually, but instead just introduce more luck and pay2win, then it’s not the fault of any player. 




It wasn’t an accusation. It’s a fact. I can give SS of his posts if you want. I just happen to remember him because he complained a lot… that’s why i said start from him…


Please be careful with the numbers, you can’t say 99% that easy without any proof, and basing it on what people said in forum isn’t enough, from around 150k active players, maybe only around 1k that are in forum…

Fyi, it didn’t reduce grinding on high levels/top allis only… i didn’t see any crazy fluctuation outside top 20-30 yet…

Is quote not working a known bug?


Heroesflorian, what you wrote in your last post reinforces my impression that the game is a lot less fun once you become too high a level. That’s a shame.

Well at the end of all it’s half true, if you are an high level player means that you have already done most of things, the sadness thing is that game hasn’t so much variety of things and to prolong this variety in another way, they have just created the time to prolong them.

So they could make lot of new things but all with short time or like now few things but need time to upgrade them. They selected the second and they will continue with this, also because related to “make few thing with lot of upgrades” give time developers to create new updates every time.


What about my posts answering you in your other thread ? I told you over and over about high vs mid-low lvl and you keep disbelieving me… -_-

Pay to win is the moto behind most of the latest flares updates past many months.

Nothing new here.

After so many complaints, flares usually makes small tuneups here and there to silence it and to buy some time.


The secret is patience and trying to have fun your way. This is any game is made for - Fun.

If you stop worrying about winning wars, trophies, position, ranking, you will find it much more satisfying. Just think of it this way - it’s all about ego and some virtual glory. Do you need it?

This is the approach in our alliance.

If enough people keep buying skulls chests, Flare might be happy to keep them. $$$$ can triumph over game play. I personally will not be buying them, despite a plentiful supply of gems. Matter of principle. People already buying them against me this war season.

What you listed is EXACTLY what flare games wants to happen. As you said they mad a ton of money of your war battle and they love it.

Complaing here is the only thing you can try to do and rally more people behind the cause but flare games loves money…who doesn’t?! And I don’t see them changing the system anytime soon.