Flare Just Refuses To Give Up Voucher System

What happened did the owner of Flare Games Nephew come up with the voucher system? The only time a company sticks with an idea this bad and forces it down everyone’s throats is when it’s the Bosses idiot nephew who had the idea, and instead of swallowing their pride and admitting the bosses nephew is and unqualified idiot. They force it down everyones throats until the point of where it almost sinks the company, and instead of telling everyone the truth ,they tell everyone the bosses nephew is on leave for some reason or another so he can continue to stay on the payroll but is no longer killing the company with his/her stupidity. I wish the owner would hurry and tell his nephew he’s a dumbass, remove the voucher system and move on already. After a while you start to wonder who’s the bigger idiot the Nephew who’s making the decisions or the boss that won’t fire him.

The bosses nephew has worked there for a while now, way before the voucher system, he was the one who stole all the achievement rewards. he is the one who will not allow them to design around the windows food issue. I really really hate that guy.

Yes please give up voucher system!!


I wouldn’t mind vouchers as an additional currency IF they did  not be affect the balance/rarity/usage of other existing currencies in the game.


To make things clearer, I mean that if vouchers were only earned via the referral system, then I still wouldn’t give a s*** about them, but I would realize that for some users would have an extra value/benefit, and of course a mutual benefit for Flare too.


However, using vouchers as an   inferior in value currency reward to replace of other existing rewards is mocking the players’ intelligence. 


Flare we don’t need vouchers for chest rewards, we don’t need them skull bonus rewards, we don’t need them for quest rewards, and actually we don’t need them in general. But if you insist on keeping them, then just do it for your referal programs and let everything else be the way it used to be. 

Oh well it explains everything… So know how are they gonna solve this problem while they (developers never listen to us). Thank God jona is not round here any more. But i dont see that difference with this new administration…

I didn’t get vouchers from chamber of fortune chests yet, how big are the amounts you get there, roughly? 


I got 4 vouchers on Chamber of Fortune today, and saw a screenshot on facebook with 5 vouchers

Voucher system was definitively a bad idea.

If Flare wanted us to invite friends to play and give rewards for that, they should just give us the good old gems! Not some stupid new thing with less value, and definitively not 1 or 0 everytime friends level up like its happening now  <_<


And never replace rewards from quests, you know we dont like that but you keep doing it!  :angry:


I got 4 as well. translating them into gems gives us an outstanding amount of 1 1/3 gems!!  :sunglasses:

I somehow ended up with 600 vouchers, and spent it all on food. 3 vouchers = 1 gem in the exchange rate, yet 1 voucher = 1.3 gem in food exchange rate ô_ō I don’t quite understand.

If you want to spend them efficiently, spend them on buying environments, 1 voucher = 1 gem there. That’s the only thing I used vouchers for so far, and I unlocked them all :sunglasses: