Flare: Let's find out which alliance has the most skilled raiders

Dear Flare:


I’d like to find out which alliance has the most skilled raiders!


How about a War Season where scrolls cost 10X the usual gem amount or where users are limited to 1 scroll per war battle? I’d like to see how top alliances do when using scrolls is heavily discouraged. 



Hugs and kisses,


The Grand Adju!



PS. It’s just one war season, Flare. Your bottom line won’t hurt too bad. :wink:

PPS. If it does hurt, use a Blessing Scroll.

PPPS. Just don’t use a TimeWarp unless you’re masochistic. 

Pffff ! Flare will never do that so we might never know but my vote is on IL .

I am with you.

Yeah, it would be I think the only and best solution to current p2w system, however, it has been suggested many times. I’m fed up with p2w alliances wars - not only p2w but also the manipulation with skulls (skull perks, skulls in chests, loser bonus). Wars are not fun, players leave the game baucease either they can’t afford it or they can’t stand such system anymore - and they leave the game completely because this game is only about alliance wars, there’s nothing more that would keep the players and wars itself force player to leave unfortunately. 


I would love to see alliance wars where either A) we can’t scroll at all or B.) each scroll reduces number of skulls we can get or C) we can use only 2 scrolls - two scrolls equppied can be used only once.



Flare won’t do it though since according to them it will reduce their income. Greedines don’t allow them to see that they lose more money by having unsitisfied players leaving the game.



I’ve seen many good players and friends leaving the game because it’s not fun and too much p2w. I see more and more people going on a break after each war season because of the same reason - they don’t have more gems to play in wars.

If they make this contest they should make all warboost equal in strength aswell, that way you would really see the players strength without advantages and disadvantages regarding fiefdom amount. I would love to see, for example, Phoenix Legion rock that season.

well it wont happen. 5 days w/o pay is not flare policy. lol


I’ll bribe them with gems. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, even a mini-game on the side that alliances can elect to participate in would be fine for me. Everybody gets max boosts just for the No Scroll Mini-War battles. 5 Days to take on the Best of the Best!

For all those who have yet to participate in a Top alliance, you should should know that looks are HIGHLY deceiving. When a Top 100 player needs 8 scrolls to take down a 900 medal base, that’s not a sign of any real skill. You’d be surprised to see how many of these so-called “Top” players are really just gem-pushers. It’s a bunch!


And I can’t figure out for the life of me why they have to be on top. Rarely are their names known. There’s no renown at stake. No one in the world is going to say, “Wow, he’s just as awesome as Messi or Steph Curry or legendary like Pele!”


Pretty much all I think is, “Wow, that person spends 2 dollars/euros/pounds per raid.”

I though you already made out for yourself : that you Blookie Bloo are the most skilled player, and that whatevr alliance you re in ipso facto becomes the most skilled alliance…

I heard somewhere that you even wrote a song of praise describing that

I also heard that 99,999 procent of the people that heard that song, fell asleep, and that your fellow musicians nickname you mister sandman…

im not surprised that there are gem pushers in the top alliances.the forum has been full of north players complaining about being on same map with top ten and how costly it is for them to fight a war.lololololol





Hi Guys,


Great post Blookie, as most of you know I am a crab in raiding as well, BUT I would love a war season without using ANY scrolls. :slight_smile:

I know e.g. Fii Nami, Mischreiber would love it too - they almost never use scrolls.


Flare, please, do that for at least for 1 war season!

That would be a real fun again for all the let’s called ‘old’ players.


Thanks, regards,

geez blookie.  im trying to stir up trouble .dont laugh. help me out by a different reaction.the game might be dying.but we can have fun here haha

Lol Buda, no scroll sure are fun but no scroll while figthing a seasonal war boost like stargazer is not my thing

I’m just for most of the time a one trick pony :slight_smile:

Yeah I do that too, those gem pushing thing when things went wrong in a raid, like two revival and one time wrap on Culinaris’ base.I love my trophies so much tho I gave to RL members in helping them fight SK this season :grinning:

Welcome to North A’s camping site…

Enjoy the cold winter wind…

The white snowy balls…

A season with no boosts and no scrolls. I vote yes!!!

Enough of all those cowards hiding behind the overboosts of the top alliances. Let us farm them all and show them who’s daddy here.


But you see, there is a saying: It will not matter if all the sheep decide unanimously for vegetarianism, as long as the wolf thinks different.


So, unfortunately, since there’s a huge income for flares from boosts and scrolls, this will never happen.

Having a no gem war hardly shows skill…


P2W players just boost there items in the blacksmith so much that it is the same as scrolling.

There are plenty of skilled raiders at the top who don’t use scrolls (I’m not in that category XP).

Scroll free has a lot to do with perks now and what elite boosts boosts you have



Not to crap on your idea lol. I have a feeling when my BlackSmith is max I will be using a lot less scrolls.

I hope anyway!

i dont think top hides behind their boosts… the boosts are there cuz they fought 1st and won them…we just need to work our way up the ladder.when you get there and win those boosts you can ask flare to remove them from your clan.that will prove what champ you would be