Flare, maybe just remove the wars?

6 teams on this war map:

Team 1 didn’t fight at all, didn’t declare, zero skulls when defending. Need to lower fiefdoms, obviously. 

Team 2, team 3, team 4 fight a bit. Mostly they offer open bases. They want to finish on zero fiefdoms and hope to be attacked. Will do everything to loose.

Team 5 don’t want 1st place because the reward is not worth the extra fiefdoms. They also offer open bases, they want to be attacked and loose.

Team 6 wanted to play a war. End up fighting open bases. Get all other teams angry because they can’t attack everyone and can’t take all the fiefdoms from the map. Leader get constant request from other teams to come and help at war because their team won’t play the war at all.

This is what happen often on war seasons.

Please Flare, we have been asking so long. War suck. People don’t play for war boosts. The war system is boken. This game is a Loose to Win game. No need to go in long theories, this topic has been developed so many times.

Please Flare, you have decided to do nothing about it.

Please Flare, there is more action when I play Hello Kitty than when we play a war against a top 10 RR2 ally.

Please Flare, just remove the fucking war.

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

without a doubt, the war system needs to be improved

                                       THE REVENGE OF THE DEV’S

                               Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away…

                         Wars were very exciting and everyone played them. 

                                                            ROYAL WARS

Unfortunately a DEV LORD improved the rest of the empire so much that WAR was nice no more.

                                                               THE END