Flare must compensate for the error of Multi touch problem

He’ll flare, He’ll guys 

Due to the multi touch problem if we lost normal raids then we lost trophies only but when we lost in PL raids off course we will loose our rewards which are valuable to us. PL rewards very valuable because we will get more resources and another thing is flare has disabled the pl ticket donating system at this point of PL rewards are very valuable to every player. This is the game were timing plays important role. casting spells, spawn troops, using scream boost everything must be done in intime if anything goes wrong then  defeat is the only way. Multi touch problem is not allowing the players to do the above things in intime. Players like me are suffering with this problem. so i need minimum compensation as pl rewards, we need minimum compensation as pl rewards. 


So iam asking for Compensation flare. You must compensate us @Lisa @PaSte 

Flare must exactly do nothing, they aren’t forced to give compensation at all. Otherwise it will cause a chain reaction of compensations. Windows players from Europe for example have had no video rewards for a long time and players now suffer a 6 hour cooldown time before next video reward is given. 

Please stop asking for compensation all the time, it just makes no sense to do so. 

Then who will take responsibility for our problem??? i have lost pl rewards this pro league is my worst pl. Not only me many other players like me looses raids in PL. For my self i even didn’t scored 1300 points ? due to multi touch problem i have lost my valuable rewards. In past we ticket donating system now it is also disabled So maxly from now i can play only one pl in a month. So is this pl is important to me or not?? Thats why iam demanding for Compensation. 

Send a message to customer support. If they don’t want to help, I don’t know what you should do, but that should be normal routine. 

If you explain in a descent way and not insulting anyone, there is a big chance they will be reasonable. I hope they compensate you by giving you either some pro chests or a pro ticket. 

I mean, you can ask for compensation, but demanding goes pretty far. 

Tell me about multi touch problems, when I swipe to fast for example, troop, spell plus scream buttons suddenly stop working. Solution on Windows is dragging the screen from top to middle (making the Window smaller, make sure you don’t close it!) is to make buttons work again. I must then hope it doesn’t happen again during same raid, since if it does, that fix even isn’t working any longer. That should flare fix, it’s there for a while, only recently it’s happening more often. Had it during PL two weeks ago, bye precious seconds.

You can’t compare FREE ads with the touch problem. The free ads won’t make you lose fights

Till now i have complained 3 to 4 times flare but they did nothing. You are saying that we have to talk in decent way to solve the problem how many times i can talk in a decent way??? Videos problem and Windows screen darken problem is completely different from this one. even though ads are not working you can play the game coming to darken screen players can do nothing without flare but here it is a 50-50 problem we can’t play the game successfully. Raiding is the main thing in this game with this problem you are not able raid then what is the point to play this game?? 

Same here… I’ve lost more than 300 trophies and I’ve made a horrible PL (~1550 that made me lost several positions in monthly leaderboad). I’m not going to ask for a compensation but some news on this and, of course, a quick fix would be highly appreciated… 

The touch also made me lose raids, even during pro league. You can’t expect that flare compensates every failure. So that’s why I suggest to contact support. If they don’t respond, ask them why. 

I will tell you about compensation. Long time ago when I was hero level 70-, I did beat max mummy level back then. Due to a bug, resurrection was not possible, making me lose tons of food plus a lot of gems (around 800 at least). I also contacted support, only response I got was an automated one. Never have seen any compensation. Sure, I could also complain, but in the end I accepted it. 

If there are bugs/problems with touch screen in pro league, don’t play that league if you don’t get any reaction. I wish I could help you, but I can’t.

if the problem is with PL then ok we will not play proleague but here problem is with whole game then what do you say??? can we stop playing the game or can we post about it or else get we get a ticket from flare??? I did everything now what i have to do now??? ?

I am not the bogeyman, I try to help. Like I said, first try to contact support or post in the 4.0 Mega thread topic. 

It is up to you if you quit playing, I don’t give any advice on that, neither will I suggest such things.

i think you didn’t understood my msg that’s why you again suggesting me to report to flare or post on v4 bug section 

Don’t worry, as expected they made a huge mess with the conquest mode too, so wait for compensations…

It would be quite generous of flare to compensate players for every bug that caused players to lose attacks. Now, I agree that this whole problem may have been VERY frustrating, but as Dena said, flare isn’t required to do anything, when they fix the problem (they may have already, I don’t know) you should just be happy with that

Until then what we have to do ?. Can we loose gems or can we loose trophies or can we stop playing PL or can we stop playing the game. what we have to do?? 

i think you don’t have any problem with the game that’s why you are coolie saying flare didn’t required to do anything. You guys can’t understand how much we are suffering from last 1 week. How many times looose in the raids and how many times we loose in the PL ?

Before 4.0 update everything was fine…but after that multitouch is horrible…I have to remove one finger ( hero) to use one spell…or else it won’t be activated ? flare doesnt want to fix that 

They will fix after all players uninstalled this shit and then they will play their own shit ???. my Conquests raids are also gone. 

I support you Mohan ,

But i don’t thing flare gonna give any compensation as they didn’t even replied my ticket and i just wasted my time on mailing them, They didn’t fix the problem and our pro league was gone waste last week and Now next Pro league is starting after few minutes and yet this not fixed…

Last week i was very frustrated about my bad score in Pl and overall monthly score due to this sucking bug but you know, i don’t care for it now… And you better forget it instead of wasting your time…

Thanks for listening.


Hi guys,

we are very sorry to hear that you have these issues and can understand your frustration! :slightly_frowning_face:

We are already investigating this issue and will implement a fix with the new client, which hopefully solves the issue for all users.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,