(FLARE MUST DO) What Flare must do to make the game playable?

Guys, Royal Revolt 2 is going at its worst condition. If something is not done, it will make the game from being uninstalled from every device. If you think that this game is worth playing and something can be done. Then don’t hesitate. Write what you think is better and what improvements should flare makes in the game which makes it to compete with other good games. It is not a suggestion but a must do topic.

While I like the concern for the game, we all (including myself) should refrain from making these kinds of topics. We should wait until the new update is out and THEN we can talk. Right now, we don’t know whether the update will be good or bad. Let’s just leave it at that for now :grinning:  

Flare must do something like:

  • Give a free pro ticket every week for a month.
  • Add something that will make the game playable.
  • Insert new modes which are easy to understand and play.
  • Give more rewards.
  • New boosts like detonating ogre, flying knights
  • More ways of earning gems. (My 19 friends left because they don’t have gems and they found the game useless)
  • Give 10 gems daily for a limited period. (10 gems is not a big thing)
  • Shorten the time of upgrades for a limited period.
  • Or something more.

Though these things will make Flaregames in loss for some time but it will attract some players who have left the game because of some reasons. And then again, Flaregames will gain something that they have already lost.

Again, in my favourite list, which had all active players. Now it is filled with more inactive players. 

Well, CaptainMorgan did give us the stat that 85% of players that join the game, will leave in the first 2 weeks. He said it’s the same for many games

Well, I had players above level 80 in my list. It is not related to that. People playing this game from months are leaving it.

I think people should refrain from making these “prophecy of doom” posts.

It’s just way too extreme.

By the way…

You got me really confused with these bullets…

You ask for new modes… but a new one is about to be released on the end of July.

Just like @AwesomestKnightest said, let’s wait for the new version and let’s only draw our conclusions after, ok?


You understand what’s happening. 75% players cant understand that what is conquest mode. There should be a clear description of it. 

What do you get when you mix these two together? The Gargoyle

I love your statistics. Not even you know where you got that “75%” value :lol:

How about some patience?

There should be at least 2 more dev diary entries explaining it.

We all wanted to save this game and make topic like this one day. Many of us have create this kind of topic.If this game die one day he’s gonna die. His lifespan his done. this game have 4 years old. Some recent game don’t stay alive after few month or 1 year. Its really great RR2 have survive longer

Here its the article who explain why a mobile game can live or die and why its hard to keep 85% players interest after 14 days


Yep, and imo, they’ve done a good job of explaining things so far. A few things that need a little more, but perhaps that will be taken care of in these next 2

Detonating orge means that it will it will leave bomb with its attack. That bomb will blast instantly.

Flying Knights means that knight will have double attack and attack rate and also speed. They will go like a rocket. They must have speed of 5.0 atleast.

Wow, you aren’t kidding with the rocket thing. 5.0 speed would get them to the gate in no time. But it would be horrible to have fast knights. They have such little health that they need to stay with the king. They won’t be able to survive on their own

It is just a boost. People must learn how to use it. Speed can be even less like 4.0

I can already imagine the next expansion…

Royal Revolt - Need for speed Edition :lol: 

Haha, we’ll get the race-car pal with this one :lol: 

Some correction

Hey, don’t go crazy. Think. This can be a pro boost for knights. 

It is not a big thing. Currently my knights have 3.29 speed. I have forged them too much.  They are working fine. It is not a big problem to keep a boost like that.