Flare needs to do something about Pro League tier

The pro league tiers are getting more and more inaccurate. It’s becoming worse week after week. Last week, I was ranked 60+ with only 2 pro chests. Just about 2-3 weeks ago, same thing as well.


This week, the legitimate highest score that is sitting at rank 2 currently (rank 1 is already banned), is only getting 2 pro chests.


In other words, there’s only 1 day left and the de facto rank 1 is getting 2 pro chests. What’s going on?


If Flare is having difficulty setting tier score, then the old system should come back, i.e. rewards purely based on rankings.




P.S. Just to add on, for those thinking Flare could just adjust the score every week. Well, they don’t. Including the ongoing league, that would be the 3rd time I scored top 100 with 2 pro chests as rewards out of about 5 leagues recently. Yes, 3 out of 5 scoring top 100 with 2 pro chests.


No doubt, when Flare feels like it, they can adjust the league score. But only if and when they feel like it. That is a horrible way to play the game.


In other words, the “Flare could just adjust the score argument” does not hold water against wanting Flare to just go back to the old system. Clean and simple. This way, they can focus on banning cheaters instead of worrying about what would be the appropriate score every week.

Fg said that since the rewards in chests are better now, it is tougher to get more chests. Getting one pro item per chest isn’t really that great imo. I rather have 4-5 chests with a chance of getting a pro item or not, than 2 chests with one guaranteed per chest. The individual rewards aren’t even worth playing for anymore. Only for the boost

But at the end of the day, it’s because of all those cheaters out there who cheated to get a ton of rewards, and now honest players have to suffer. In fact they always had to suffer

I totally agree with this topic! Worked my butt off in this PL and got a great score and am in the top 50, but I’m only gonna get 2 pro chests. The tiers need to be changed depending on the difficulty of the PL rather than being the same no matter how hard

besides personal reward, there is still a problem

it’s very hard to get more than 1300 points.

This means that at least 30 members of the alliance must play and achieve a high result in order to activate tainted love of level 4



1 hour left. Flare didn’t adjust the tier. Guess all I’m getting is 2 pro chests for top 20.


When you get in the top 100 you are given an extra Pro Chest and extra crystals. I got 44th and got 3 chests and 3k crystals. Still not much considering how hard this PL was

Flare adjusted the tiers at the end. That’s why your rewards were improved. 


Yeah, they seem to have done that a few times in the past though. I have been in the top 100 quite a few times recently and my rewards have been buffed from what they had previously appeared to be

Try having constant sync issues …. lol they looked at my issue and just say Oh well theres sync issues… nowhere else in game for me but screws pro league.

try running back to tent no health and no damage incurred… two shield spells and health doesn’t move…

The worst I had was 1/4 health and dying at tent after 20 secs of nothing…

So as much as I feel for the rewards issues its really not that important until the sync issues are addressed.


Please talk to them more if you feel that your issue was not resolved or clearly answered. They are the final section to check and solve these kind of issues.

I also noticed how hard the pro league was and (for me) still is.

I did for months …… I even followed videos and did exact starts and its just not the same massive health loss little to no recovery spells often don’t work

I had used 3 complete sets of spells in lvl 3 and tower still there lol had to hack down losing most of hlth.

Now I just stop playing its pointless every now and again it works then if I stop and try later its broken.

I had one pro league couldn’t get anything lvl5 -10 failed … lvl 11 started working and aced it lol.

Meh … I just think its shyt but nothing I can do and I will hate the game more if I try.


I’m not even gonna talk about tiers this time but…

Who thought it would be useful to have an Insta unit… EXACTLY THE SAME… to a unit we can already summon…

The mortar!

Usually, the insta unit has to be a life saver, or at least have a game changing mechanic which you don’t have on the other 3 units.


  • No fire damage on a combo & 2 many Firebolts/Lightnig Towers: Insta=Pyromancers
  • Combo way too slow on movement/attack speed: Insta=Werewolves
  • No source of healing nor shield: Insta= Monk

But no… This time, it’s completely useless.

How are we supposed to even want to hit that button?

I’d expect that we would have at least Monks, or even better… Wolves.

Please pay attention to these things next time, since this cup was not mentioning difficulty… boring. Really, really, boring.

Thank you.

Hi LacunaC,

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: We check the Pro-League every week for various things, it is part of our Pro-League routine. There are no plans as of now to return to the old system (monthly pro-league) as of now.

@whatsa I sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

@ShadowsGuardian Thanks for the feedback! Forwarded. :slight_smile: