Flare, please delay the next offense boost event ...

… for 2 - 3 weeks, so that we have the time to upgrade our buildings.

And please announce it 1+ week earlier, so we can delay the new

time consuming levels and don’t miss out on the event.

Thank you.


From the sequence of last fall the offense boost event would be due

after this war …

I agree we all need this event special now with the new update plz make this the next event after war season over to help all players. Plz flare

No, I want the boost offense event. Those of us who sped up the upgrade should be able to take advantage of the event.

I want the boost offence event too :stuck_out_tongue:


I sped it up. So I want the boost offense event as soon as possible.

What is the boost offense event juju?

It’s where you can get troops/spells upgraded in 1-2 days and 20% off the regular price of upgrade. So it pretty much means that anyone who has sped up their buildings will probably be able to get a whole lotta’ upgrades finished in no time, especially if you speed up upgrades during the event.

It would be wise for Flare to do this, seeing how the paying players would gladly love to see all their spells go to max immediately, and pour countless amounts of cash to do so. 

None of my spells or troops are maxed leveled (except palladin) so I don’t want the new levels right now. I want to make my spells and troops stronger that’s why I need the offence boost. I am already upgrading my throne room so if they give castle boost this time it will be easy for all of us to upgrade our troop academy, wizard tower and inventor workshop (of course to taste the newly introduces troop, spells and towers)

A castle boost event would be really nice, mainly not because of the new levels, but because upgrading the farms is a real pain, endless running on three farms only … and i need a few upgrades there. On the other hand i just have reached the goal to max my high priority spells and troops. This is gone now with the update :slightly_frowning_face: