Flare, please remove time restraints on Castle Guard

Flare, first of all, it’s not fair that it takes over a year to max one’s morale. It seems like a lot of people are having to just sit on gold and wait, helpless against the older players.

Second of all, in reality, it doesn’t take 7 days to raise an army’s morale by 2. It takes a 30-minute speech, at most.

Possible solutions to this problem:

  1. Remove time restraints entirely. Make morale boosts instantaneous.

  2. For every tower you max-level, gain a Morale Worker, a Worker who helps you upgrade your Morale. This would make it so that only the players who’re already near end-game can speed-boost their morale, not new players who want to increase Morale but nothing else.

Or something. Anything to give us newer players a fighting chance.

30 minutes of speech… that made me laugh… 


LOL  :wink: