Flare please respond: war season matching

We have brought this up so many times and yet no one from FG has responded.

The matching system based solely on fiefdoms does not allow growth or progression for an alliance.

Please change the matching system to include alliance level as well. That way wars will be fought amongst opponents of equal potential.

What they want and expect is for you to level up alliance and so they match by fiefdom

And if they do it your way, you could start an alliance with like 40-50 high level members and win all war, never face top teams and get to 100 fiefs with ease.

Sure we could spend all our donations levelling up but what I have found is that membership does not rise accordingly. It’s better to level up only when the alliance is full of good members - in other words slowly. Not much point having forty slots open and only fifteen active members.

You are suggesting that Flare wants us to spend every cent increasing the size of the alliance but never winning because we’d have no gold for boosts. Surely Flare want us to enjoy a fair challenge rather than always losing?

I don’t think it is hard to code matchmaker so that it puts alliances of the same level together. It could even be a small range of levels to avoid wars short of alliances.

Alternatively they could apply the level matching for alliances with few fiefdoms and then solely by fiefdom once you get above say 50 fiefdoms.

I dont think it’s a good idea matching by alliance LVL, but it’s really sense to match by LVL of members defense (spells, king, towers and troops). If FG doesnt put defensive LVL as criteria, wars will always be unfair and unbalanced.