Flare Problems Solving Strategies 101

Step 1: Go to Flare forums page look for this topic The official Royal Revolt 2 technical FAQ…


Step 2: Read subject lines until you find one that fits your issue. (Click on this link  https://flaregames.helpshift.com/a/royal-revolt-2/) takes you to Flare support page


Step 3: Find subject that fits your issue again fill out ticket send email to Flare support  explaining  in detail your issue.


Step 4: Wait for Flare support to reply with: 


there! Thank you for your message. To speed up the support process, please state your issue clearly. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Did you read our FAQ? It might already answer your question:http://flaregames.helpshift.com


Step 5: Scratch head say wtf? 10 times (must say it a least 10 times)


Step 6: Resend same email  (try to be nice) re-explain your issue  again  on the same email ( I know what your thinking see step 5 )


Step 7: Wait for Flare support to reply again with 



Thank you for contacting Flaregames Technical Support. If you encounter a bug with Royal Revolt 2, please go to our official forums (http://forums.flaregames.com/forum/37-royal-revolt-2/) to see if other players reported the same issue. If not, please create a new thread to describe the bug you have experienced with as much detail as possible. This is a great resource of information for our developers. Here are some quick information I found for you: - How to report a bug (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36-how-to-squash-a-bug-details-inside/) - Technical FAQ (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/34-the-official-royal-revolt-2-technical-faq/) In case of a payment related issue, please contact Apple, Google or Windows directly. We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within 96 hours (4 days). If your issue has not been resolved, you can respond directly to this message. We look forward to working with you again should you need us! For information about upcoming releases, updates or features, keep an eye on the Royal Revolt Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt) Best regards, Flaregames Support


Step 8: Repeat entire process 




Funny indeed

If the problems weren’t serious, I’d laugh heavily, though actually tears would probably be more appropriate…  :angry:


#Edit: At least, they finally have some actual QA guides on their support website at all… nice to read that the shields on items are percentual indeed, after a year of testing and asking… though some of the answers there are misleading or at least funny compared to actual reality… (e.g. always online players probably just have a newer version than everyone else, flare can’t change upgrades of an account, voucher bazaar is a part of gameplay, top-displayed towers in base preview are most frequent in a base, trophy system is only based on attacker’s and base strength, medals are matching trophies and are thus also only based on difficulty of enemy base, any kind of hacks/cheats for RR2 are not working, if RR2 is crashing your device probably must have under 512MB RAM, you can only gain max. 4 fiefdoms per season, match making in wars only based on fiefdoms, war boost lvl only depending on fiefdom count, higher boost costs on alliance lvl-up as well as gem-extra-donations not mentioned, max amount of league participants is 16, …)

Andreas… as you are blocking everything why not remove this Forum … its better… 


Ohhh now I get it who is blocking me from time to time.

But hey flare…are you listening…yes I am talking to you…I Don’t Give A Shit.

Yes, funny, right? :wink:


Are you located in India as your account info suggests?


At the moment, we are having a huge commercial spamming issue caused by accounts that have their origin in India - literally hundreds of them. This unfortunately forces us to currently block a lot of IPs from the country - otherwise the forum would drown in spam. Maybe this is the reason why you can’t access the forums sometimes. Sorry about the inconvenience, we are working hard on fixing this as soon as possible.

Ok thanks for the info.

But before banning someone you must at least check his profile first.I have 194 active post and member title paladin,this means I am a long time player not a spammer.

Edit-and please stop locking every post you see.two days back a player posted a topic how to get account back.i was typing an answer for him and what I saw that you already locked that account.forum Is a place where players can talk anything related to the game I guess,so stop locking posts so that we can help each other.