Flare Stealing Gems from Defender

Previously if an attacker used 6 scrolls on my base I would receive a % of the total gems he used to attack me. So if he used 6 scrolls (costing him 100+ gems)   I could receive approx 20-30 gems.            Now I get a pathetic tiny amount,  maybe 5 to 6 gems for a guy using 6 scrolls so  100+ gems to attack me???  So Flare reduced the split to steal more gems from the the defender?? 

As you can see from same attack,  same player, when he uses 2 more Scrolls (costing him approx 80 more gems)  you give me 1 more gem???  Seriously that is pathetic. 

Hehehe, good one.

The only problem is, that flares will always f*ck the players.

Though they are always thinking we are stupid suckers and will not notice this.

What 6 scrolls cost over 100 gems? But to my knowledge the scroll to gem ratio always has been 10:1. And that seems to work perfectly fine from seeing your screenshot.

If i’m correct Battle cry scroll only cost 10 gems … So I don’t see how it could cost him 80 more gems.

I think it’s also based on difference in levels. If your level is much higher, they can use a bunch of scrolls and not give you many. Conversely, if their level is higher, the same scroll count gives you far more. That’s just based on the fact that not long ago I had someone use half a dozen scrolls and a couple of revives that didn’t give me a gem at all, since they were pretty new and I’m mid-90’s.

Weagle -  yep I guessed that but he’s actually same King level as me and ranked slightly higher so shouldn’t be the case.

Vester &  Gengis - yes your correct in initial cost of each scroll being 10 for BattleCry and 11 for Summoning,  but I THOUGHT that they go up same as Revive each time you use them?  IF that’s incorrect and you can use 10 BattleCry @ 10 Gems each time than I am wrong and will apologise and delete the thread.  

Okay Flare,  I APOLOGISE and will delete this thread after a couple of days,  so people who saw my accusation can also see my apology.  I just tested on a friend and see that scrolls do NOT go up in cost after each use,  so are only 10 Gems each time,  I tested 2 x BattleCry @ 10 Gems  per time so cost to me was 20 gems and my friend received 2 Gems.  

Guys I don’t seem to be able to DELETE this thread as I was wrong,  Flare Admin if you can please delete it the accusation is WRONG and I apologise for my mistake in making it.  

Topics can be deleted but we don’t do it since maybe they can return “useful” if you have to search a specific term for example or other things.

In my case, being a moderator, i can hide but it’s not a vandalic topic… so remain only the “lock” feature. I can lock it so nobody can answer to it but you can still see what is written.