Flare: there's no good reason for strong, free war boosts



Again, a reminder: there’s no good reason for giving out strong, free war boosts, especially on defense. There’s no reason that alliances should get boosts that are as strong as regular war boosts for free and then extend them through alliance gold.


It’s unfair to those of us who have earned war boosts like garg tower. Accursed tower can nearly replace garg tower. That’s not right, because it nullifies what we outright won.


INSTEAD, war boosts should make the game more unpredictable, change the way we build our bases, and make the game more interesting , and not just make raiding harder.


I’m very close to being done with this game if this pattern continues. I’m spending money on nothing that every other can’t get for free now.

Do NA really have a lot of players who like to complaint bout war season ? :confused: Zoeli, Horkos for example

You guys cant take a single defeat or something ? In top 10 I scroll free 80% of the time, maybe more though I tend to use 4-5 scrolls and lost when things gone wrong.Which is not different from before accursed tower season.Means it is not really harder to raid :confused:

Admittedly accursed tower do replace gargo,imo they are much better tower.Why give a shitty tower as seasonal war boost ? :confused: putrid also OP, stargazer.War boost always OP.But never it is impossible to scroll free :confused:

This war boost only for 5 days, what tou win like gargo nest is for 2 weeks.I think it is worth it no ? For me these war boost makes war unpredictable ans interesting, though very few change our base layout (like putrid)

So use the paladins against accursed tower…


And you complain u got gargs and accursed?       if one nullifies the other then why dont u use both? thoose who didnt win gargs wont have both… this is just ignorant on all levels lol…


I’m not speaking on behalf of North Alliance. I haven’t discussed any of this with NA.


It’s about fairness. That’s it. No need to read into it. I still no scroll 80% of the time like you. It’s down from my usual 90+%, but whatever.


Look, this is how it goes: Putrid Prowler was awesome because you faced a widely varying number of bases. Some bases really were confounding. That’s great! Because it’s due to another player being ingenious and clever. If I lose, that’s awesome!


And you pointed that out, too. We completely agree.


But when all Flare does is make things harder on defense (which is already overpowered) and it nullifies the war boosts we spent gems/money to earn, that’s wrong. What’s the incentive to win war boosts like garg tower if you can just get ones like Accursed Tower for free? Why win Dragofroster when it’s strengths are neutralized by Stargazer? This goes on for weeks, leaving only non-war season to use our war boosts (who cares then?).


What’s the point of being competitive in this game if Flare constantly gives everyone free stuff that they don’t have to earn?


Maybe if I list things out, it will help:

  1. Let’s say I win a powerful war boost because I beat you. I now have a generally stronger base than you.
  2. The magical hand of Flare gives you a just-as-powerful defensive war boost FOR FREE. My base is no longer stronger than yours.
  3. What was the point of winning the original powerful war boost? THERE NOW IS NO POINT.

Yer Blookie! Stop complaining, do what Fii Nami does and move from Todes, to Apoc to League and to wherever else next






I love both of you guys. :wink:

The point is that the game remains fun for developing players and small alliances. Those players dont have resources to indefinitely extend the free boosts so they only really can grow with speed during that period.


2 seasons ago alliances fought to win Gargoyle Tower boost and make opponent’s bases weaker on the other seasons and then comes Stargazer and Accursed Tower to give them a defense power that they shouldn’t have. And now half the alliances in the game will have Gargoyle boost -_-


You’ve detailed well the difference between the two camps of players.

Anyway Adju, dont quit.Accursed tower isnt s bad, I’m all okey as long as I can beat most base scroll free consistently :slight_smile:




Not everyone has a gazillion bucks to spend on boosts. Not everyone is level 9543489593459348954. The boosts tend to give the developing players and small alliance something close to “a fighting chance.” And there’s nothing wrong with that. Casual players deserve :wub:

the problem is the booster not included in medals calculation

Small alliances can’t in general afford to maintain these ‘free’ boosts through a season, so arguing that they level the playing field for them is off the mark, the big boys can and will extend them … and any other boosts they can get hold of.


I agree with the sentiment of this post, the boosts are only there to make kings scroll, no more, no less … FG have found a way of generating a steady income over the war season, is this right or wrong, who knows, but its a path they have taken, and we all know that they won’t change tack, even when proved wrong.


Lost of high level accounts for sale or being given away again … wonder why?

free boosts? lol wtf. so this is the reason why nowadays everyone seems to be boosted all the time. so why not give those boosts to non alliance players also.


Non alliance players can have the free boosts, if they want: they can create a new alliance only for themselves and get the free boosts

and 5% gold boost, too … They lose the boosts after three days, like most of the smaller alliances.