Flare, Think Big!

Come on! Is this a joke? The other changes already announced were better news than those small changes.

This looks like you do not have an idea what is really important to your players!

First of all, the game should be comfortable and pleasant.
We have already seen a million innovations, despite the fact that the developers did not listen to the players.
When you play for months and years, on some little things I spent a lot of time. And every day to see the same inconvenience - awful!


Keep up that good job, flare!

Its just first part of changes, as i understand

Yes, sure those things are helpful. But seeing such a big teaser with so much small stuff is ridiculous. Especially after more more important things that have already been announced in a posting but many people will not know. And after this messy time. Fixing bugs / PL rankings / Gatetower situation should be a priority now and done before introducing new features.

this colorful teaser is for silly fb users :lol:

look carefully, they promised more teasers (from the same text, as we know)


text here:


The bug fixes, PL rankings / Gatetower situation are part of it, just not announced because it is not a new feature :slight_smile:

Why are you allowing  people to donate pro tickets to each other?  People will just have 4 accounts each and donate to their main account. Its just silly.

And pro boosts? It’s gonna ruin the fairness in wars between heavy spending alliances and normal ones 

That is very good to hear, thanks!

Hopefully these fixes will work well, as we all know changes and new features mean also new bugs.

I agree… these changes will make the game difficult for those alliance who can not spend big amount on the game and it will not be fair to them as they are too giving their 100%.