FLARE to Define.........................

MODERATOR. Would be interested to know how exactly FLARE defines this, because at this point it surely does not ring true to my understanding of the word. Maybe it means opposite in Germany of what I have been taught. Like FAIR vs UNFAIR, this would explain a lot. I could delve into history more to be poignant but will remain civil.

What is the problem again?

Your text is really confuse and I couldn’t understand the issue at all.

i think he just want to know what the word Flare means. like in Fair vs Unfair or Flare means other thing,etc…they use Flare from Flare the distress signal you shoot with a gun. Flare for like someone who have a good nose (in french du verbe Flairer) or something else. 

If you try Flare in google translate maybe that explain why their game don’t work well.

Flare can means explode,blast,burn,break like break the game lol

I don’t know the real one but one thing is sure that match with what happen in each of their games. So Flaregame is a appropriate name of course

its like Gameloft. Not really attractive name to be honest. That make me think about people who are in their loft and sleep all day during the time their game crash,freeze and have ton of bugs.

the name are important. Choose it wisely


Would like to get official definition from FLARE on meaning of MODERATOR for this forum. Apologies for confusion.


Very much like your take on the discussion even if not on point. ?