??Flare Treat their Paying Customers like sh** ??

10 Days ago I asked why Flare CHOSE  not to use the same logic they already have for crashes during war (when game crashes at 0% the raid is not counted)  in the Ninja League.  When they KNEW it would cost you any chance to win the league.   

I was assured twice by Alysea that I would get a detailed answer to this simple question.  But of course was completely ignored like everyone else.  

Now I see this posted a few days ago ,  

Hello Kings & Queens,

Today we had a live server update.

From now on, the battles that gave 0 Ninja coins will not use a battle attempt anymore.

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

what a joke…  they had the logic,  chose NOT to use it,  stole our gems &  money and don’t even have the decency to apologise.  

So I’ve had enough of eating Flares shit I’ll go try another flavour thanks.  Bye.  


I answered in the other topic that I would give more information within a few days, and it was on Thursday.

The week started today and I updated the community about crash issues, and also answered on the topic. 

Sorry that it took a bit of time, but I was waiting for the new version to come out as well as a confirmation regarding these issues.

@Alysea sorry HOW is

" we have released a new version to fix the crashes"  

any kind of answer when my question is 

"Why did Flare CHOOSE to not use the existing logic (that you have in wars)  to not count 0% crashes in Ninja League? " 


I bet the devs didn’t expect such crashes to happen, you know, you don’t make a fix for something you don’t see broken…

Honestly man,  as a Mod and experienced player  I would expect you to think about a response before you type it.  

Alliance Wars have been developed and used on multi platforms by 1,000’s of players for months and months in this game and it STILL has a crash mitigation algo that ignores any 0% attempts.

They created and then kept this feature not because they expect crashes,  but to minimise the impact on the player of any UNEXPECTED crashes.  

You don’t seem to think your posts very well, just bring hate. Also it seems you’re not a programmer, when you have a very long code, the only thing you want is for it to work, then you try what you did on multiple devices if necessary, but if you tried your program a lot of times and on multiple devices, and then no bugs showed, then you’ll think it will work perfectly for the client too, it won’t be your fault if it fails for the client when the testing phrase showed your code worked 100%, clearly you’ll have to fix it, but that would be after the release. We’re talking about before , I really think RR2’s devs try what they did on some of their devices before releasing it worlwide, (I mean, who doesn’t?), so if everything worked perfect for them, there’s no need for such thing as “just in case” code for not counting 0% raids.

Summary: They must have tried what they worked in and yet the testing showed no errors, even when 0% crashes showed before on other features, maybe it didn’t seem to be the case for ninja raids, so there was no need to fix a bug that didn’t manifest its existence.

Hahahaha,  Where’s the hate in my post ??  

I tried to treat you like an intelligent person by explaining why I’m disappointed with your response that clearly does NOT explain or understand my question.  

That’s not hate.  Or you think it is? 

Please read my post one more time,

WHY given everything that you have written would the same Flare developers have a 0% crash algo in Wars and WHY have they now introduced it into Ninja League.  

They have it in for Unexpected  / Unknown crashes,  which every coder would account for.  This is why it stays in for war.  And this is why they now put it in for Ninja League.  


Using poo emojis isn’t necessary :stuck_out_tongue: . You also used a bad word.

As they found those crashes existed on ninja raids too, they used that solution, which must have been easy because they already had the code.

Well, if I was doing a program like this I guess I’d have actually added the “just in case” code, but I can understand if they didn’t think like that, maybe mostly because it seems sometimes the game crashes due to overload of information, so adding code or a call for a function, might have made the game heavier.

So you are offended by poo emojis and a bad word. Fair enough. 

I am offended by Flare stealing my time , gems & money by very poor coding and game decisions.  

Interesting that you say I am “not a programmer”  but even I could see it is quite clearly needed in an attempt based game to have a “just in case”  algo.  

Even more interesting that Flare now seem to agree with this “not programmer”  as they now put it in.  

But never mind,  I have now left game, and will leave Forum also as I wouldn’t want to offend you anymore.  


You may be right, the devs may not have been able to plan on the crashes  happening. But what about the ones that lost a lot of gems this ninja event? I was told in a nice way that  “we don’t care” form a customer service representative. So maybe your right on the developer not being able to do anything about the crashes. But they could have done a better job for the ones that spent gems in the event. I think the post is right and believed we were treated unfairly. I have spent a lot on this game, but they won’t get another dime for me.

You really don’t get the point of what people tries to tell you, you’re just closing your mind. But well…

Customer service has to deal with the after problems part, they should help. Maybe they don’t know who actually spent gems or not in the game, but I won’t say anything because I really don’t know, it’s just an idea.

I could easily provide CS with proof of what I have spent on this game.  After what they offered, 1 Uber(500 value) and 160 gems I asked for a very small amount(340) that I feel would make me whole. I spent my weekly 1k gems on the event and about 400 I had saved up. I don’t believe I even had a crash and know I didn’t attack any more than one time. This is about principal. I can’t spend money on a game that I can’t trust.

Lol, this is exactly what I have been thinking of you for the past weeks :wink:

Yes, you were one of those treated unfair in this case. But you have to understand, what is feasible and what not.
It is not manageable, to treat every case on an individual basis. That would need let’s say 20 persons working full
time for a month, given all the crashes and hickups. FG can’t pay for that.

Doable (concerning the costs) is an automatic process, where almost no man power is needed. And Flare did
exactly that: 1 uber chest for all and gems for all (devided by tier). Given that, you can’t compensate all players
with the possible maximum of what one could have lost (first price in the tier + 3 uber chests + 30 x 45 gems in
CoF + all speedups worth in gems). You have to use some kind of “average” as a compensation.
Average implies, there are some above and some below. You were above average with your spending, i was below.
The (additional) gems i and one of my alts got would have been enough to compensate you (340 gems). But that
was no option for Flare, a manual process for every active account (400k?).

I don’t see a solution for this problem. Every “affordable” compensation is more or less unfair to someone.

I can be close too sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:  

OK, but the number was smaller then 400k. Not everyone is going to contact CS. Not all of the 400k spent gems in the event and some of the ones that did spend, spent less then what Flare offered in value. As far as time goes, Flare had time to tell me no!!

I work and a very competitive business.Good customers are hard to find. If one of are better customers ask for something reasonable we do it. It’s about making money in the end.

One Uber chest and a low amount of gems was Flare being cheap. They tried to go as little as they could get by with. If they offer 3 Uber and no gems a lot less would have been upset. This was Flares screwup, again Flare messed this up ,100% Flare fault.

I have made peace with the event. As someone who has spent way to much on this game. This has caused me to wake up and quit giving my money to this game. 

Another thing I disagree with. Let say the power company over charged 25% by 200 dollars. It would not be fair if they told me they are sending everyone 50 dollars. I don’t care how long it takes them or how many people it takes. This was not anyone but Flares fault 100%. 

Yeah, This guy thinks that He is the greatest Mod and player in the World :slight_smile:  Brain Eater :grinning:
He just kiss ass…and thats the and of conversation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No need to disagree :grinning:  I agree with you, that you were treated unfair and that it’s all Flare’s fault.
I just wanted to explain, why i think they acted the way they did. And they will do it again next time,
because i don’t think anybody will sue them for 5 dollars or whatever was the difference they didn’t
get back.

On a side note: as a free player myself i welcome you as a non spender :wink: