Flare, what are you doing to address our concerns?

As you can see, there’s lots of complaints here about… Pretty much everything. I’d like to know what flare is thinking of doing to address these concerns, if they plan to address them at all. I don’t really expect an answer for this but your player relations is kind of (word removed)… If you know what I mean. So it would probably be smart to claw back some goodwill from us. Just sayin’.

Good point. Answer is more than welcome. with all the bad moods here,negative post and the frustration of player. I have no clue what Flare can do to resolve this. The game is too much broken now. Maybe its possible to fix it. Like I repeat many time. they take 3 month or more just to fix 1 bug (Wrong Dragon Color) so I don’t expect they can fix it fast. At this speed they will need over 1 year to fix all but it will be too late. People are tired to wait,people are tired to hear bad excuse from Flare and people are tired of Flare bad actions. 

If some of you have good idea to suggest to Flare what to do why not. They don’t listen anyway.We speak to a wall

The best thing they can do is COMMUNICATE more. Admit they made a massive mistake with the last update. Explain how that happened, explain what they are doing to fix the problems and make sure this kind of issue never happens again. 

It all starts with two way communication. Don’t just talk AT US. Have a dialog WITH us. The future of Flare literally depends on it. 

If Flare don’t change direction VERY SOON i’ll quit the game forever. This WAS one of the best game i have ever played, but they turn it into a credt card battle.  FLARE I TELL YOU A SECRET. IF YOU WANT MORE MONEY OK, I’TS NORMAL. BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM BY HAVING MORE PLAYERS, NOT TRYNG TO SQUINTING ANY DROP OF BLOOD FROM US.

Maybe time to do a livestream on facebook who explain all and what they planning to solve all of this. Maybe at same time explain what the new Ninja Event will be

To address our problems, they are cutting our source of gems and pearls (ninja event), push us to use them more nerfing attack, in order to buy something they will nerf sooner than later…are you happy?

I know that they give a [word removed - inappropriate] about the majority of us, but flare should really, really listen to the premium complainers like @cr1, they pay flare’s bills. Don’t mess with your cash cows …

@Madlen said…

That last sentence is exactly what we need. Thanks mad, I look forward to it.