Flare why can't you give us stats that mean something? (Blizzard Exampe)

Yet again Flare’s stats just don’t work…

Currently the _ Knights who say Ni _ have the Gargoyle’s Nest Boost.  So my Gargoyle Towers after some perking are 70k Health.  At the same time I have a Skull Tower right next to it at 55K Health.

With no Monks or Healing Towers in the path, and no units spawned to give it damage, If I hit them both from across the lane with Blizzard (so I know I’m not doing melee damage to either), it takes 3 Blizzards to take down the Skull Tower and only 2 to take down the Gargoyle’s nest. 

But they have the same exact weakness: 100% Weakness to Ice Damage.  And the Gargoyle has more Health so it should survive longer!  W.T.F.?!

Further even after perking my Blizzard Damage is only 6K.  I had assumed 100% Weakness doubled the Damage.  But 12K would take 5 Blizzards to take down the Skull Tower and 7 to take down the Gargoyle Tower.  W.T.F.?!

Haven’t you been playing this game for several years? Weakness isn’t linear, nor does it follow any other formula I can think of… Similar to your example, my 8k damage swordrain deals ~60k to heal towers, 40k to necromancers and 20k to monks, despite the fact that they all supposedly have 100% weakness to piercing. I think the best you can do is to try things out in-game, make some rough estimations of your own and ignore the weakness values shown on the cards because those stats sure aren’t applicable on the reality.  

Wow!  FU Flare…  This is what the “experts” are saying?  We just press buttons and hope the incoherent results bring the towers down!  The game engine is a pitiful disgusting mess.  Instead of Health let’s just start putting indecipherable symbols: stick, rabbit, smile face.  So at least we know that we have no idea what’s going on.  Stick Health minus Rabbit Ice Weakness against Smile Face Blizzard results in a total Tower health of Frog!  At least that’s being honest about how you’re F-ing with us!  Come on, @FTB!  We believed you stood for change!

It used to be deterministic (2 max blizz for a skull, 1 blizz would almost kill a wolf), but with forgings, it’s very hard to determine, I can load my blizzard to one shot most skulls (barring a few that have been forged 120+ times), or take less and boost sonic or hammer instead (everyone should use hammer now :)).

I guess the weakness and resistance is only for attack from troops. The magic damage is too complex to display in game. Trust the feeling and experience, not the number.

The Health I gave included the forging health.  I attacked my own towers so I could remove all unknown variables.

Is there any other gaming community that would put up with this BS?

I sooo want this in the game! If not in the next update then in the one after but it must be in the game! :wub:

Then why is it there for then? Might as well make it clear that every stat in the game is out-the-ass random.

2+2=19.26 because use the force, Luke?