FLARE why don't care for WINDOWS MOBILE user

why don’t you give us same feature as android, if u don’t develop same function for us please stop developing for windows mobile users we don’t need royal revolt. Android n IOS is ur platform not Windows, Windowsphone users are far behind every single day they can’t watch ads.

1 we can’t watch videos , it says no offer till today.

2 Where is recording option for us?

3 where is tapjoy or other service to earn gems.

4 where is logout n login?

and many more there is on equality… If u don’t do that i will quit this game… And uber chest, this game is all about money… Those who have money or android they survive in royal revolt.

Hello gokulzz,

  1. The videos offers depend on the country and the video providers, there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it.

  2. The recording option depends on the OS, it is not up to us either. Android got its own recording feature, some devices individually already got special recording screen features (such as Sony devices), and iOS got the replay kit.

  3. Tapjoy or any other services are not available on Windows, the only Ads provider for Windows so far is Vungle, which is already implemented, but an early age service which still needs time to develop.

  4. There is no logout/login feature in any OS so far, but who knows, this might change.

We do not neglect Windows on purpose, Windows just do not offer us the same means to support the players than Android or iOS.

Thank you for your understanding.


we want each and every single feature same as android, we all want same game play with same feature in all platform, those features helps android to progress sooner then windows mobile users, and windows mobile have to survive more then android. Developers please develop same quality in all platform… Otherwise windows mobile platform will never survive in royal revolt 2 until n unless he has lots of money…

@ gokulzz why don’t you ask some meaningless question to Aether.

  1. What is windows?

  2. What is Developer?

  3. What are the Windows Developer doing in this game?

I guess you’ll not get the answer. Aether don’t use Windows.

IGN: Key-Men (a Windows User)

@gokulzz for number 2 read this maybe that can help you about how to record video on your Windows Phone : https://blogs.windows.com/devices/2015/07/13/how-to-record-your-windows-phone-8-1-screen/

in this website the person use Camstudio but its far the best. You can project your game on your PC screen and use if you have Windows 10 on your PC. Xbox app who have Game DVR its that I use on my PC and that record very well my gameplay of Royal Revolt 2

Here are the mobile OS market share for 2015 :

  • Android : 82.8%
  • iOS : 13.9%
  • Windows : 2.6%

And people yet still wonder why there is no TapJoy or why does the video offer weaker on Windows…

hey warriornator

how is your story going?

and do you know my questions answer?


can u watch video ads in windows pc to boost farm, tavern, etc? @Warriornator

I got a windows surface and windows phone and I can watch video on both.

yeah via windows on PC that work fine I can watch video to boost all,to have double gold feature and to reduce time for a tower,etc… but sometime you have cooldown

@MrSchmouck market share doesn’t matters its about game features, if this all feature are not available for one platform then remove these features from other platform too… Equal game feature if we don’t have the opportunity to watch videos then other must be stop.



and u r saying about 2.6 market share rght n what about more than 90% of market share that holds by windows dekstop? I think u are also using windows 10 right?

recently more than 200Million active windows 10 are activated…

Maybe what you show its pourcentage of feature used by device. If you check the % of device for video game you have completely other result. We are maybe 20 Millions of PC gamers and maybe more. The market for PC game are very high. I don’t think in this case your IOS or Android game have a high % 

That’s why I wrote  mobile OS.

@warriornator in which country are u using these windows pc??

yesterday i tried alot in pc to watch videos? But it shows no offer? I have change to US but still no offer for me…

in Canada

ok i will try…

Like i said sometime you must be patient you have cooldown. I can be 2 week without nothing. My video start working again this morning. you must don’t abuse so much of this video I guess only if necessary

Firstly, don’t mix moblie gaming with desktop gaming. Not the same market. The fact that you can play RR2 on a desktop doesn’t make it less a mobile game. The PC market is dominating in gaming for sure, but it’s game like League of Legend, Call of duty that dominate the market, not mobile windows store games.

Secondly, feature like TapJoy are what generate revenue for the developpers. If the market was that good on PC I’m pretty sure third app like TapJoy would be present. But they are not. Why ? It’s not viable. They’re is no demand. In fact, I’m surprised that RR2 is available on the windows store. Look at other popular mobile games and try to find them in the windows store. Good luck on that.

The same problem is there in my windows phone. I can’t watch videos it always shows currently offer is not there.

@aether as soon as possible we need video ads in windows phone… Nothing is impossible for developers. Might be restriction in os but there must be other way to balance the features… We need soon otherwise it will be late…