Flare: worst timing ever? (rant)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy there’s FINALLY a festival and a bunch of other things, but…

Why must it all happen at once? So you get a festival - lots of gold. But there’s also the granny chest thing, for alliances with paying members - even more gold or an obscene amount of potential pearls, if only there was a blacksmith event to suplement the granny event (and obviously there isn’t one). Festival together with war makes you do a huge number of raids each day. I’m not even gonna start on how the event came right when I have all workers/research busy.

So yeah, it’s nice but it also kinda sucks. Typical. :lol:

(in case you didn’t notice, this was a rant. Because I like ranting and you can never please me. ^_^)

you are right, many fights, a lot of  gold and war incoming which mans even more fights + everything is upgrading :slight_smile: I FEEL YOU

Just play as much as you want, it isn’t a job.  Happy to have some new content to play with.

Here’s a hint, the next update will keep everyone busy.

It’s not a matter of job or not. It’s that there’s either completely nothing going on in the game or everything goes on at the same time. As if it couldn’t be spread out so that you wouldn’t need to strain yourself to get all the good stuff (because when are you gonna put effort in if not when it pays off the most?).

And next update will keep everyone busy indeed - they’ll all be here, complaining what a broken mess the update is and how it didn’t deliver. :grinning:

Its good need more fight more attack ?

I like if flaregame make everyday 100 attacks ?


This is time for your gem and FG’s money