FLARE YOU destroy the fun of the game with this tough barricades

Whats the fun if we need to scrulls to win 100% to base with Elite barricades lvl 4?

Before it was fun, if u was skilled player, even with 6.5k leadership i could win top 10 base 88%-90%, now its all about Money…

then…make challenges or achievements that no one else have ever done before in the game

Hi spartecus, sorry im again it. there are a lot of player over 80 now. what are you thinking if all this player can defeats top 10? so is really no more fun. boosted barrac is awesome. if you wants to defeat top 10 then level your king up.

i think flare should either dumb all the elite boosts or somehow fix them

yeah money is the magic word here . since the big update this game is all bout spending gems/money and since then the fun is gone . this game gets worse every day for me . i even get frustrated lately bout this game sometimes . game is getting too hard with the crap elite boost system. only the big Alliance can use all elite boosts . while the not so strong ones need the goldto level up . its realy the most unballanced game i ever seen .

Hi ducktd

The only players that win my base scrulls free are tin and tran, players lvl 97-102…

And my base is not even barricades lvl 4 yet lol…

They need to ballance the defence and the offence.

Give us some tools in offence, tools that dont cost real money.

Bad thing is that with this barricades no one drop gems at your base, they give up from begining… :slightly_frowning_face:

P.s. Ducktd i saw we in same leage and i won. :grinning:

Dears spartecus, 12k ahead. i’ll catch u in next leage up

I think its fine, only a max king should be able to defeat max base.

i dont think you understand the time frame to get a max king vs the time frame to get a max base lol they are sooo far different that its not even realistic for a average player to think about maxing a king but everyone can max a base lol

Yeah, I agree, it’s getting a bit dull raiding 3-4 players that don’t have fully boosted bases. Especially since I don’t really have anything to upgrade apart from the waves :slightly_frowning_face:

I have some idea, but as a common accepted norm, only the best can go against the best.

some idea just curious if you know how much exp is required for say lvl 100?(20 levels below being the “best”)

I wonder at what lvl I’ll max my waves :wink:

I don’t know, but looking at my fellow SK members level and the time they devote, it takes much more time after maxing out the base.

And I do get your point

well ill say this it was somewhere over 300mill to get lvl 100 :slight_smile:


You need from lvl 113 to 114 more then 100 000 000 xp or 55 000 gems and will get not many plus to your stats.

and you total exp is over a billion dont forget to meantion that lol

The game is absolutely fine. I love this game. Barricades level 4 not at all a problem. My friends in top10 does it easy as always. 

its exact now 1 256 018 766 xp need for next lvl 96 316 934 or 50659 gems :grinning: