Flaregames are cheating

Since very long time I had a suspicion that something strange is going on with the Blackie pearl conversion rate. Today I’ve got the proof.

The pearls you get for melting items are always whole natural numbers. Never fractions. Therefore, if you get a 1 pearl worth item, and your blackie workshop gives you 100% pearls conversion, you should get 1 pearl. For 200% you get 2 pearls, for 300% you get 3 pearls.

I have 6 Blackie slots now. This is a total 300% pearls conversion. There fore the following pearl worth items should apply for me:

1 pearl original value x300% = 3 pearls

2 pearl original value x300% = 6 pearls

3 pearl original value x300% = 9 pearls etc.

Please note, that with this 300% conversion rate, 1,2,4,5,7,8 final pearls value is impossible, because they are not multiplies of 3. Special attention is needed for 1 and 2 final pearl value, cause they are impossible to get. My minimal pearl value can’t be less than 3 for 6 slots (300%).

Attached screenshots:

  1. My Blackie workshop, showing clearly 300% conversion rate.

  2. Item Showing a 2 pearls worth item in my warehouse.

  3. Items showing 4,5,7,13 and 14 pearls value. Impossible as well, cause they all are not multiples of 3.

As said before, pearls original value is always a natural whole number. No fractions. Therefore, after the multiplications they must be only multiples of 3, i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc.

Therefore, it is my belief that Flares are cheating on all the players and giving less pearls than should be by your Blackie slots amount. You pay unbelievable sums of gems for additional slots and get cheated… lol.

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I have answer to this. Certain items would be giving say 2/3 pearl without conversions. Applying 300% conversion, you would get 2 pearls. So the base is rounded off but the actual value is taken into account for accurate calculations.

Anyways, for me ninja pearls are the biggest source of income, since till date I have only missed 1 tower - during the 1st event when I really didn’t know much.

As said KK, original pearls value is always a whole natural number. Never a fraction.

The way to check is to see what it costs to melt an item, I have a low level account with 3 slots, and it varies between 9000 and 18000 gold to melt that item for one pearl, were I to add slots, I’d probably find the lower cost items get less of a multiplier as I add slots.

The other calculation is (with all 8 slots):

Item Value in COF/2 = cost to melt

Cost to melt / 2000 = number of pearls

So for nice round figures, an item that would have given 300,000 gold in the COF would cost 150,000 to melt and will yield about 75 pearls.



The original pearl values have been rounded off, in reality they are fractions.


I think it is divided by 20000

75 * 2,000 = 150,000

You’re not being cheated, it’s definitely a math equation, maybe something close to what Neil said.  Fractions are less likely, everything is in decimals and is rounded to the 10th in most places or made whole for pearls and currency for obvious reasons.   All items are rounded up and down to the closest shown numbers.  


No one is out to get you Edward, except maybe a single killerbee. 

Hehe, that is correct, no one can. Though no excepts.

But this is not personal. Flares are cheating. Do recall the time you had only 1 slot with 100% conversion. You never got less than 1 pearl.

This is my assumption -

Say an item’s melting cost is just 45,238

So 45,238/2000 equals to 22.619 but that is for 8 slots. This is a fraction.

Say, you may get just 0.50 pearl according to Maths but Flare will show 1 pearl. But for 300% they take 0.5*300% which is 1.5 rounded off will be 2.

Fraction/Decimal is same thing, just different way to express it.Of Course you don’t get pearls in decimals, but that is the hidden math. Similarly for damage, it is not that simple as it seems. Apparently 100% resistance will take minimal damage. So this is the math behind it -

Melting Cost/a certain number (I think 20k) = the base value of pearl which is with no extra pearl conversion rate. This value can be a decimal/fraction but expressed in terms of whole numbers.

Then the pearl conversion rate is applied.

Are you getting me?


Can’t give you 0 pearls, but when the number is expanded by 25-300% the truer number is represented. 

You get 0 pearls for melting item worth 0, I think.  :ph34r:

Flare calculates pearls - (Melting cost/20k)*conversion rate.

Exactly. Pearl number are based on the item gold value. You always get a minimum of 1 pearls. At six slots, you get 1 pearl for each 84K gold the item is worth. So you take your item value (buy value or sell value x 10) and divided that number by 84K. So an item that you buy for 840K will get you 10 pearls. An item bought at 880K will sitl get you 10 pearls. But if you buy an item at 890K, you will get 11 pearls.

someone summons me? 

nah, a ‘cheater’ (cheated his punishment in the past) calling out other “cheater” don’t interest me anymore…

Gentlemen, please look at the issue from the other point of view.

Indeed, the original pearl value of the item is calculated first by it’s gold/pearl ratio. Then it gets the original whole number value of pearls. 1, 2, 3 etc.

But then, press your “i” button on the Blackie workshop. It officially says: “Pearl conversion: ***%”. Please note that it’s Pearl conversion , not gold conversion, not gold/pearl ratio, not pearl value. meaning it should be original number of pearls multiplied by your +***%.

To see the real difference between the counting methods, let’s take a very low item. For example one that gives you 0.15 pearl value.

If you have only 1 Blackie slot, meaning 100% conversion, since 0 pearls is impossible, you’ll get 1 pearl.

If you have spent more than 26,000 gems (worth more than 100 Euros), you have opened 8 Blackie’s slots, which is 600% “pearls conversion”. Let’s see how many pearls you will get by Flares method of calculation: 0.15 x 600% = 0.9 = 1 pearl… Surprise!!!

By the logical method, in which you get any reward for the cash you have invested in opening more Blackie slots, “pearl conversion” is the pearls you get, multiplied by the %, which means for 8 slots Blackie workshop: 1pearl x 600% = 6 Pearls

Edit: Hope now the difference is clear enough

Math sounds right 0.15 pearl value with 600% pearl conversion = 0.9  =  1 pearl

I understand what you are talking about, but as far as I know there is no game term for “Pearl Value”.   

“Pearl Conversion” has no requirement that it treat a 0.15 pearl item as 1 pearl.  

When a 0.15 pearl item melts for 1 pearl, it doesn’t meant that item is now worth 1 pearl, it means that Flare is giving away 0.85 pearls for free.

Yes PiP, this is exactly what I mean.

Most of the gear you will get from chests (raid, war, daily) will be very low pearls value.

We start our “pearl conversion” with 100% at the first slot. At this point we will usually get 1-5 pearls per regular item. Logically thinking, if we expand to 8 slots with 600% conversion ratio, we will get 6-30 pearls for the same items. This sounds like a great and worthy deal. We are tempted by Flaregames to pay more than 100 Euros for buying 26,000 gems.

So, we pay flares for this X6 pearls dream. Then we open all the 8 melting slots, wash behind our ears and start melting happily, only too late realizing we were actually cheated…

There are other questions naturally arising here:

  1. Does anyone know what is the exact figure(officially declared by Flaregames) of the original 100% gold to pearl melting ratio?

  2. Has anyone ever tried to check out whether you really get your 600%? Not sure whether it’s even possible to check.

  3. How is the additional melting cost of the items calculated for different slots opened? Maybe the cost rises with the slots grow, dwarfing your pearls reward to an even lower value?

I didn’t buy any slots. Just have gathered enough gems. But many players did pay cash for these gems. Usually when you pay for something, you see what you pay for. In this case, you have no idea what you get… I would call this cheating as well.

It starts at 1 pearl for each 250K value.

Back when I had 5 slot, I knew that I was able to get 1 pearls for each 100K. When buying stuffs at granny, I use the system calculation to my advantage. I bought item worth like 865K and got 9 pearls out of them. I used the number rounding to my advantage.

Right, it was roughly 1/10 for 5 slots, plus the cost of the melting. You could get another pearl if the sum was higher than 50.