FlareGames, please call Flothaboss back!

FLOTHABOSS, a Guy, who created the Real Trust and Love towards Royal Revolt 2. He was the one, whose videos made me to try Royal Revolt 2.
Millions of Fans for him, but, Flare community gave him no trust.

Since he was fired, the game is like crashed. Pro League is spoiled, the management of tiers is spoiled, cheaters covered the game. He was the one who showed us how things work in the game. No one ever has shown such passion towards the game.

It is my request, and the request of fellow members of this game, if you can contact him, please call him back in the game, and let him make videos. We need him!


What do you mean ‘fired’?.. was he with the RR2 management/developers team?

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yes it seems to me that he joined the management team

Yes he was a content creator.

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Would you, if you were FTB, come back? Think again. Get over it, he won’t come back. There are others also creating great actual videos.

Flaregame had to reduce jobs at the end of 2018.
45 people were fired :disappointed_relieved:
Flothboss will not come back if he was one of them …

Statement Nov. 18

Any name? No one can explain things like him…

WHATEVER! Can Flare explain things like Flothaboss? Can Flare search a better raider as Flothaboss to test pro leagues…
Man, he need to be back, for flare… or the game will go dead…

That’s not up to you to decide. You said you were such an awesome raider. Why you need him?


If I were one, I would had a golden crown like him.