Hi Flaregames,


I’ve been playing the Olympus Rising for like 7 months and i am very satisfied with it together with my alliance. I have no more questions with your game set up cause i love it all except that bribing island with gem, acquiring rare item and times of forging an item. I just want to suggest some things to improve and to add at the game as follows.

_ 1. RARE ITEMS -what if you should give your players/ subscribers rare item even just one each player/ subscriber. I want the stunning boots of Ariadne or mirror shield of Perseus. i am playing this for 7 months and i still do not have rare item. Any tips how to have one? Should i purchased a lot of titan chest, should i won lot of war, should i acquire it from friends via code?_

_ 2. POSEIDON HERO -give us Poseidon Hero please. I want him in the Olympus._

_ 3. ARTEMIS TOWER -why not give artemis tower extra damage? It is useless actually, especially without the blessings in it. My Artemis tower is lvl 20 and i cannot see any significance from it._

_ 4. FORGING - i suggest that forging  an item should NOT stop with five star titan (red) item. Please let forging continue beyond five star red item._

_ 5. DONATING WITH ALLIANCE -Why not try adding with donating other things and not only gold? let us donate ambrosia, wisdom, gems, and items to our team…_

_ 6. HERO VS HERO GAMEPLAY - I love maxing my heroes, please give us another set up of game like Gods Of Rome whereas our hero can play versus other player’s hero. You either create another game using Olympus Rising Heroes or just add it with the OR app._


Please check on my suggestions please. 


Thank you.


IGN: manly80x


Every Titan chest, Titan battle chest, and Titan sea chest has a small chance of containing a unique item. Titan sea chests have the best chance, although it’s also very small. 

With version 3.8, you get increased odds of getting a unique item with every Titan chest you open. 


And artemis towers are good. They need the blessing like any other tower that can be blessed, but they’re good and ice is a stealthy damage type right now  

Artemis Towers dont deal much, they should have more power/ damage even with out blessings. I suggest flaregames should put rapid archers on it/ raining arrows with its cool time. Right?

Hi @manly80x,

I have seen you many times on my battle log and you know this that My entire defense system is based on Artemis tower(well blessed one)of course.I defeat invaders pretty easily with them.There are many ways you can use Orthia tower with other tower combos,Helios light,it is also depend upon what kind of extra enhancements you are providing them through Odyssey quests.I have seen many players from team who have provided 5-10% boost to health or attack of Orthia towers.

Also If I remember correctly last week I got 5 gems from you but lost 20 trophies.I think you used three invocations on my defense system and your hero did die one or may be two times on my map that itself shows how tough a blessed Artemis tower is.I hope now you won’t consider Orthia tower weak.

(P.S. One more thing try using Orthia tower with Perses tower combo with helios light and then tell me orthia towers are bad or not.I willing to bet that particular kind of defense is so strong that most of players will have hard time with that one.)

Nah, they’re fine. Max them out and see. 


Artemis towers is one of the deadly towers out there …they have more damage and health then Poseidon Tower and they even slow the hero and troop a bit …If you guys have weak towers try placing two towers together Minatour , warriors and Phoenix dies in a blink …


Most of the unblessed Poseidons are this way too (In conventional setups, that is), Prometheus towers downright suck when unbuffed, spearmen are a cannon fodder, etceteras. The list goes on, the point is simple: towers are meant to be weaker unbuffed, thats how it goes and the only viable way to revamp Artemis will involve revamping everything else.

Hi manly80x,

you are right at higher ascension level unblessed Artemis tower are weak but thats why we have divine blessings use them on Artemis towers.Also Artemis tower are available to everyone right from the start and require very small amount of time and resource to level up.while Apollo(Ascension Lvl 50),Hydra tower (ascension lvl 40),Lapetos towers (ascension level 30) they all require some lot of time to upgrade and resources.But same goes for other structures and units.lets talk about spear man without blessings absolutely crap units ,right but give them divine blessings and watch how they perform on battlefield(Absolutely terrific).


Every single tower that can be blessed is weak when it’s not blessed. Artemis towers aren’t special.