Flaregames Terms of Service

Probably few people know the rules of the game Royal Revolt 2 until they have touched. I also did not know them and still do not understand, even though they are written here flaregames.com/terms-service/

I’m waiting for a full response from the administration and ask to understand why the rule has not worked for 4 years and now applies only to me? And not to all? What kind of discrimination? Why is technical support not trying to guide me on the right path, but simply to say obvious things that are visible and without their response? I need help!

There is a rule:
You shall not have more than one Account at any given time, sell or give away your Account, create an Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself;

I’ve been playing Royal Revolt since the first part. This rule was never adhered to, for its violation is never punished, and generally, this rule is absurd.

And suddenly, after more than 4 years of playing after I hit the top 10 of the Pro League 1 time, this rule was applied to me. What is this tyranny? The rule should be always and for everyone at any time or for anyone!

How could I understand that the rule never worked is the rule in force? Where in the rules that says I can’t participate in the Pro   League? But it was after the participation I was banned from the Pro League. Am I telepathic? How am I supposed to guess your rules?

I didn’t get a single warning! Banned from the Pro League for the rule which for 4 years has no effect and still not working. Technical support cannot say how long to last ban, no litter to give advice or instructions what to do, it does not even try to help. For all the time I have not received any information from technical support.

Why is such lawlessness going on? The rules either have to work for everyone and always or not for anyone! There is no penalty or prohibition for participation in the Pro   League. A rule included on the need for specific persons, it’s that for bias. All can be violate, and if well played in Pro   League on you rule and ban!

Bring order! Why do I have to guess the rules? And test them in your experience? No other way to know them!

After reading your rules it becomes clear only one thing! Flaregames has rights to everything and does what it wants (point 1.2), and the user has no rights at all. Flaregames and does not give any sort of guarantee Flaregames and would not respond. (point 6. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES).

I’m not putting a cent in your game from now on! All members of my Alliance and friends will advise you not to spend money while the game will not be distinct rules! So anyone lucky enough to play well is in danger of being banned!

I don’t need a place in the Pro League. We just need the Pro League’s rewards, even without the standings! A character without a Pro League becomes flawed!

I’m sorry for my English.

Playing multiple accounts is no problem, but playing them in the pro league is not allowed. You’re only allowed to play one account in the pro league

How am I supposed to know that? There is no information about the Pro League in the rules of the game. I and rules these saw only yesterday. I would not think that simply for participating in the game ban.

For example, you can now participate with multiple accounts and if you play the average like everyone and you do not even punish. And banned only with a good result in the Pro League.

As a result, there are no League rules, there is only punishment for a good game.

No warning and no clue how to act and immediately ban. Don’t tell how long and what to do now?

I wrote to technical support that I was ready to follow the rules and asked for help, but there was no help.

The rules is applied to everyone, it’s just that a lot of player didn’t get caught yet. I also have a strong feeling that when you end up in the top your account gets inspected.  I’m sure Flare check for cheaters at the top of the league and they don’t do everyone that participate in Pro League.

Learn to read first and then comment!

  1. Rules of participation in the Pro League is not written anywhere. 
  2. Just playing in a Pro League is not a Scam (show the rule where it says You can’t). How else would you know?
  3. I write facts from my own experience and how it really is. And I ask you to write only what you really know and not just guessing.

1.You shall not have more than one Account at any given time

2.You shall not have more than one Account at any given time

3.You shall not have more than one Account at any given time

This is not true. This is a false statement that has been made in the past. This is NOT the case at all. No matter what, the rule is " You shall not have more than one Account at any given time". Simple has.

To answer your question @Delllux, as @MrSchmouck said, you can only have one account at any given time. There is nothing else to add to this. If you have multiple accounts, then you are not following the rules of our Terms of Services, therefore actions can be taken against your account(s).

Many thanks,


This rule has never acted and is not valid until now! This is just an excuse to ban a specific person!

Are you ready to apply this rule to all players? Are you ready to lose 40% of the players? Or will the rule only apply to those you think are wrong?

Give detailed instructions on what to do for those who have banned League. Help people not to make mistakes! And tell how to fix them!

Write clear rules for people. You have written the rules just for your legal safety.

This is not an excuse to ban a specific person. You are far from being the first person to have been banned in PL for multiple account and you won’t be the last one either. Rules are here to be followed. There is nothing more to add to this.

Many thanks,


No information and no help. There is only 1 rule for all occasions, which can be applied in most cases to anyone you want. But only applies to good Pro League results.

It’s sad that you didn’t hear me. Well, who am I? Yeah, right! You know better. You’re fine with everything. I hope that you are very comfortable and good.

Make 2 buttons in the Pro League, pulled one involved with the tournament table, and clicked the second only fighting for prizes (not getting shared on the list of participants).

They check accounts manually at the end of each league, that’s why some gets their rewards a bit later. They can’t check everyone in the league, way too many players. And cheaters usually end up in top spots. I’m not implying that top player are cheaters, just that if you have to check for cheaters, that’s a great place to start.

You got caught, deal with it. Others have, others will. By playing league with multiple account, you gain an unfair advantage on other players. Multiple account has been tolerated before but since the begining of pro league, players has started complaining about players having multiple instance in the top. You can find multiple thread in this forum about this.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m trying to figure it out. And find a way out of this situation.

Let them make it possible to participate in the League without a standings. And nobody would complain and ban people because of the lack of rules is not necessary. I care about the awards for participation, not your rating Pro League. Without these awards you won’t get a new pet and new things. Account becomes defective.

Punishment Pro League without warnings and without clear rules too brutally and unfairly!

Some play from different devices and you will never get justice! Who has more opportunities will always find a way to win. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

People only get banned when they play multiple accounts in the PL. And that only when they finish top 100 or close to that with both accounts. Have never seen anyone getting banned for having multiple accounts outside of the pro league (unless they cheat somehow, but like we have seen, fg will simply unban cheaters).

It’s true, since the TOS say that you shall not have more than one account at any time, you can’t really complain when you get banned. But in general nothing will happen to those who play multiple accounts. Worst thing that could happen is that they get banned from the PL

So many people here don’t understand the implication of the terms, so I will just explain it in the simplest way possible so those who complain can understand and learn to just live with it.


Flaregames is not a public office, hence, they do not owe any of the players here any public duty.


The relationship Flaregames has with each and everyone of us as players here is a contractual one. In other words, we owe Flaregames certain contractual obligations and Flaregames owes us certain contractual obligations.


Now, when it comes to “contractual obligation”, only the party within that contractual relationship is able to choose whether they wish to enforce or waive certain terms. For example, if a company sells person A, person B, and person C the same type of item, and person A, person B and person C breached the contract by not paying for the item, it is entirely up to the company to exercise the right to demand for the payment. If the company only demands person C to pay for it while the company waive off their rights to payment against person A and person B, that is entirely up to the company. Person C has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to complain that person A and person B didn’t pay as well.


Applying the same concept to the game, if player A, player B and player C breached the contract by going against the terms of having multiple accounts, Flaregames has the absolute discretion to either enforce certain provisions of the contract to ban the player, or waive off the breach by forgiving the player.


One thing which is perfectly clear is, it is well within Flaregames’s rights to exercise their discretion who they want to ban and who they want to forgive among players who have breached their respective contracts. IF and only IF the player didn’t breach the contract, and Flaregames wrongfully banned the player, then Flaregames are the ones who have breached the contract, and is now liable to be sued by the player.



In summary, Flaregames did everything well within their rights. However, whether it is good PR to exercise their rights in such a manner is a whole different thing altogether.



I don’t have more than 1 account but it seems that there are many players that do. Your English is fine. Perhaps Flare could do well to do more than just have it rather inconspicuously tucked away as a one-time disclaimer.   

@MrSchmouck said it all, you may not have noticed but by using multiple accounts you clearly have a bigger advantage and as everyone said, it is not allowed.


Yes, sure and how do you do do this? Give 10 chests to everyone with 1800-1900 rating?
You wish!


I totally agree with this, Flare is in their right to ban us.

But lets be fair here, when did Flare tell us about these rules? Never!

@Delllux said it right: Are we supposed to guess them?

At least you should put an “info balloon icon” in the pro-league, where upon click a small pop-up window opens with a TLDR of the Terms of Service…

Or as a minimum of minimums… THIS:

"You shall not have more than one Account at any given time"

PS: Just to be clear, I only use 1 and only 1 account for Royal Revolt 2.
I just think that not everyone comes to the forums to know these rules.
Also, I bet many players are probably even under legal age to understand what are “Terms of service”   :slight_smile:

Ok ok, I see the problem here. You lack sense. Do you really need to be told to only have one account? Does that need to be a pop up for you to figure this out? I mean it’s not like EVERY online gaming platform everywhere has this rule (I’ll bet 50 bucks they do)

What’s next? You’re going to complain that you shouldn’t be arrested for bank robbery on the basis that the bank didn’t tell you not to rob them when you entered and that other people have robbed banks and not been caught?

While we’re on the getting caught part, how do you suggest that multi accounters are found? 

Think he more complains about the fact lot here have multiple accounts and not are banned.  See hacker/cheater topic.

some got banned for only 1 week.  Think he is asking why that difference.

think lot are showen in hacker/cheater topic.

one interesting question right now is maybe depend of the player? I means maybe the player who have multi account and are not banned like we have see in hacker/cheater topic can be because they spend money? We know RR2 is in a dead state. So every money from Flare is more than welcome at this moment. Can be possible someone who have 10,20 accounts on the same device and who spend 50$ a week or 500$ a month have a privilege to be untouch?

You must think too the number of players is very very low right now. Its the multi accounts who make survive this game. If you remove all inactives one and multi accounts. RR2 will have only 10k maybe in best case scenario 20k.

Its sad but with all cheaters,hackers and multi accounts that allow a new player to see a fake numbers like 110k or 120k and he think the game is full healthy so he play the game and spend money and Flare like it

So I understand Flare about just ban player in Pro League only if he reach the top 100. If they allow multi accounts outside of PL its because RR2 need it without them RR2 is no more.

If by example tomorrow Flare decide to do a drastic move and clean everyone : inactives,hacker,cheater,multi accounts,etc… Who will left in RR2? no much people its sad but its the fact. Flare is stuck right now in a way people want they remove all shit in this game but in a another way they cannot. So they stuck

Its close like OR if multi accounts are allowed is just because the number of players are very low below 20k same with multi accounts.So if you remove multi accounts the number drop below 5k or less.

so for now its the multi accounts who make survive all Flare games.Sad but true. This companies hold by a little rope and a scissor stay close of it. At any moment the final cut can arrive

So in a way Flare cannot do what they want. And its not Flick Arena who will allow them to survive

Don’t know how much someone spends, I have all accounts above level 100 with maximum Alliance towers that I paid for out of my pocket. And now they are useless and are not able to develop further. Change the rules after so much time and money is not fair. If they were banned right away, I wouldn’t be wasting my money and time, and this is a legit Scam.

At the same time there is no guarantee that the server will not be turned off tomorrow. They have every right to do so. And some on the forum complain that time has reduced the action on the magic and troops. They do not think about more global problems.

Most of all I am outraged by the lack of information. Could say that the account is banned for a month, then the ban will be removed and no longer violate. Probably for them it is very difficult and better to torment the person formal replies without any information.

I see no reason to continue the theme. Flaregames suits everything as it is and the rest does not concern them.