FlareGames! Why U No Make Gems sale?

Hi  :slight_smile:


After this server update we need a lot of gems and gold, It would be really nice if you make some Gems Sale  -_-



Agreed. Plus, if they make a decent gem sale in the next day or two, I guarantee they will make boatloads. Everybody wins :sunglasses:

Gems? What for? :lol:


Only change of gems price is…

Ruins are now 50% cheaper to remove!

The gem discount offers are a big joke…

It seems to be failing when you live in Europe, like I do…never get them anymore which really sucks

Costs Flare a lot of money because I wont buy them on regular price…

Guys the whole point of gem sale is to lure the players to buy gems when they least need it. They know there is a rush at the top to upgrade everything like in an instant and they are cashing on that mad rush. If you want gem sales… wait till top alliances are already maxed everything and no new update in sight. I predict no gem sale till alliance wars update is released and is a week or 2 old. Looks like 6 weeks if Jona is saying the new update will be a month from now.

Well I didn’t have a nice discount offer for at least 2 1/2 month now, so I find it a bad thing since I like to make use of them.