Hallo Flaregames,

Mein Englisch ist schlecht. Aber ich tue mein Bestes.


Ich möchte alle verknüpften Konten von meinem Hauptkonto löschen. Nach 3 Tagen machen sie es. Aber sie löschen auch mein Hauptkonto.


Meine Anfrage ist 118263


Flaregames sagen mir nicht, dass er alles löscht. Es ist Kriegszeit und ich kann meiner Allianz nicht mehr helfen. Ich habe sie die ganze Zeit von meiner Haupt-E-Mail-Adresse aus von Google Mail geschrieben [dies ist das gleiche Google Mail-Konto, das ich für den ODER-Account verwende]

Jetzt wollen sie, dass ich ihm die letzte Rechnung schicke, wenn ich Edelsteine kaufe. Aber ich kann die letzte Rechnung nicht senden … ich kann nur vielleicht die letzten 1000 Rechnungen schicken, weil ich in diesem Spiel über 2000 € ausgebe

Warum kann ich die letzte Rechnung nicht senden? weil der letzte tägliche monat gem pack einen ex-freund kauft … und ich habe keinen kontakt mehr zu ihm.


Ich kann alles sagen und andere Sachen schicken, aber nicht nur die letzte Rechnung. Wenn flaregames check ist die letzte Rechnung von einem Vietnam-Typ. und alle anderen sind von mir … und das ist von Anfang an, wenn ich den Account schätze.


Meine Freunde, wenn Flaregames mir meinen Account nicht zurückgeben. Lass uns gehen und ein anderes Spiel suchen!

Freundliche Grüße



Hi all supporters 

I’m Mohammad…Arman in game

Gods of War alliance’s general ?

Athena is our Officer, seems she had requested to remove all extra access on her account and by mistaken you’ve prevented her access from the account too.

We’re in the middle of the War,you know how important it is for the team,want you to support & give the account back as soon as possible pls.

As she said the problem is that only her last purchase has been from a friend’s side but she doesn’t contact that anymore, while all other purchases & all account’s details are available & she sends or has sent, shouldn’t be any problems to support & give it back.

We’re waiting for it,hope you attend logically & support as soon as possible. 


@GalaMorgane @CaptainMorgan


Dear Flare Game,

Athena is one of the most important players of a top5 alliance in the game (Gods of War), she is playing this game since the very first days of its beginning and has spent a lot of money in this game. She is the rightful owner of the acount and all our members can confirm that, she is also providing all the informations about the acount except the last purchase which is the only purchase that she didnt make. 

Considering her important role in our alliance, and the time and money she has spent for this game, we would appreciate if FG considers our request and gives her acount back to her. We also want to mention that if this game loses her, it will also lose many more loyal players of the game.

Best Regards,

Gods of War team members

You know… when you are sharing the accounts of so many people to spy on other alliances, these things are going to,happen Athena.

Really? People doing that? 

No, just one person. 

@CaptainMorgan why did you give back account to her while I have everything to sure that it my account, and my friend account “??ViệtNam.No1??”, she take it and steal it then link account and keep it for her self “main of this topic”…I’m from RS alliance , I hope you remove all link account from my friend’s account…after >48 hours but you didn’t resolve the problem for me…we need you fix the problem soon as you can…and one more that this person who is main of this topic steal many account of many play…vietnam.no1, spartacus, herospartan…you’re helping a thief

Flare. Can you please help Vietnam secure his account. There is a 3rd party repeatedly gaining access to do mischief, logging on to RS to try to cause problems. 

There you go. Evidence. People with access to multiple accounts to gain access, log into said account & do mischief/cause trouble to other alliances is a red flag in my book.

Hi all from FG



Please help Vietnam to have back his account save for all kind of problems.

He’s having some problems because Athena has access to his account like empty waves

Sharing scores

Bad PM’s messages

So please help this guy to have peace…

Please remove all access to his account…

Let me show u some pics

Best regards


Athena being Athena 

Sharing accounts is not allowed … own fold 

Very true.

Steal a account ? You send it ! and its agains the Rules from FG



We know he had his own fault but it not means you can do what r u doing now…

Anyway I’ll not be rude here because it’s not necessary

So just think about your attitudes and grow up. Leave his account alone… Have fun with the game with your account…

Thank u for understand

Sharing accounts to all is not allowed . Report is open ! 

Hey can someone edit this post out theres personal info there

@Infamous @Tomaxo @GalaMorgane


Thank you @dumpster