I understand that you guys don’t want harassment to your staff or any comments that are really degrading. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense, to me, is locking down the “White Emblem” threads. The first one was at least a little understandable, since there were degrading comments to the staff there, but the second topic should not have been closed. The forums are a place to voice our own opinions on things and I think we need to keep it that way. As Mag so perfectly said, “I’ve seen a lot, but now I guess we cannot express our opinion ever, unless it is a positive one.” Now, I’m not really on either side in this whole discussion between flare and the protesters, but I have to say that flare should let players speak their opinion. If it is bad talk towards the staff, then fine, you can take that off, but there is no need to lock those topics

Agree ??

It’s OK, that’s their response to the protest, and it’s their game, their forums, they can do what they want.  This was their first chance to engage properly with the community since installing a new community manager, and saying developers would now speak with the players more directly.  Now the alliances can decide what to do with that response.

If people feel like discussing it more, they can join “Royal Revolt 2 Biggest Group” on Facebook (though Facebook is probably worse than the forums in complaining, at least it’s not censored =)).

@cr1 is right, when game is not fun, just stop playing, no need for big drama and fuss :slight_smile:   There are better causes to worry for.


I’ll just post here quickly to say I agree before it is gone again.

?? im so like to see all this guys who waited for bew CM.

the beautiful new era is coming.

but- it doesnt touch me. Let them do everything they want.

That’s how it is in a free world, everyone is free to delete a (critical) post… :wink:

This topic is now closed, I have issued an update about it, and I think we all said, what we wanted to say now. :grinning: