This post is regarding my frustration about the internal logic that flare follows which keeps changing without giving any notification to players. From the time I started playing the game, I have been misguided by many in-game tool tips and statistics (weakness and resistance) provided for units, spells and structures. 


For e.g.


  1. bladestorm does normal damage. Now neither blockade nor barricade is weak to normal damage, yet bladestorm beats the hell out of max blockade and max elite barricade. (As per wiki bladestorm does more damage (approx 12x) to defensive structures, again this information is based on old royal revolt game which might or might not be applicable in current version. Also the in-game tool tip does not provide any such information). 


  1. Blizzard does 3.3k frost damage at max level.  Werewolf is 75% weak to frost damage.  At max elite boost werewolf has almost 21k health, still with max blizzard I can take away almost 80-90% of elite werewolf’s health which means blizzard does like 17-18k damage on wolf (does not add up with 75% weakness tool tip). Similar logic follows against skull towers too which has 26k health at max level and takes approx 14k damage from blizzard.


  1. I recently found that ogres are immune to slow effect of blizzard. How did it find it out?  Because suddenly all high level bases started using boosted wolf and ogre combination.  At first I wasn’t able to figure why I got steam rolled by ogres even when I tried to slow them with blizzard and frosters. So I experimented it by myself and found that boosted ogres are somehow immune to slow effect from frost damage. I created a bug report for it: (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6437-boosted-ogre-bug/) where a developer replied that it is not a bug but a change made by Flare to balance stuff. (I was lucky that I temporary went in an alliance which had boosted ogres and wolfs using which I was able to do my experiments. Not every player has the luxury and means to conduct experiments to find out flare’s dark secrets of hidden knowledge).


  1. I am sure by now everyone knows the issue with frost dragons. Frost dragons are able to destroy snake towers, elite spikes, elite bomber towers etc. which has no frost weakness what so ever… Not to mention there is no information provided anywhere about what kind of damage and exactly how much damage does each type of dragon do.


This list can keep on going….


This disconnect between the regular changes made by Flare (probably for balancing stuff/new content) and in-game statistics information has caused enough problems already.  It is a major problem for beginners and mid-level players as they usually don’t have a friend from high level alliance to guide them about the ongoing trend of units, spells and structures.  These players usually make their decision of upgrading a spell, unit or structure based on in-game statistics.  If the statistic are wrong, they cannot make correct decision.


Personally I am a guy who reads the tool tips and information provided within a game.  If they do not add up or do as it says, it is frustrating for me as I find it meaningless to even follow those tool tips anymore.

My suggestion to flare, please take some time and update the in-game tool tips and statistics so we do not have to wait for someone to make a video to display how exactly a unit, spell or structure work.  Also please provide every change you make for balancing stuff (even if it is on experiment basis) so that players are up-to-date with the new content.  Information provided on time is much more appreciated rather than surprises which leads to frustration.

Agree :wink:

I was surprised Ogres are not affected by slow effect at all. I know they are slow and slowing them more would be horrible but I’ve never seen any info from Flare regarding this issue. And was surprised as well seeing Ogres so useful now :slight_smile:

Regarding Dragons, yeah, they can kill pretty much everything (at least frost dragon), it doesn’t kill only barricades :wink: I asked once about stats of new boosts but I was told that players should discover stats by their own (lol) :slight_smile:


Lol, discovering everything by ourselves is like pooping and then finding out what you ate in first place… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Indeed, it is up to the players to find out and discover…

So i guess we are up to exploring and experimenting … :slight_smile:

Of course it is nice to have the chance to discover it by our selves…but it would be muuuuuch nicer if the information we have actually made sense at all!!

Because if i have a spell that makes around 3k dmg and I have a tower that has a 100% of weekness to that spell it would make a lot of sense if it took 6k dmg from that speel…but actually it takes around 13.5k dmg!! So are you telling me a skull tower has got 450% weakness to ice!!? Or does blizzard have a ‘buff’ of around 150% + 100%(skull weakness) against a skull tower?

In that case there are 2 options:

  • The stats are completely wrong.

  • FlareGames changed the stats to balance the game, but they didn’t change the information in-game.

Boosted ogres and werewolf combo is seriously OP atm. I’ve seen bases with just 3 Ogres followed by 2 Werewolves for every 2 waves!

It’s pretty unstoppable.

You cant ignore them and you cant really kill them fast enough - with 1 howl, they kill you and your entire wave so quickly…

So is flare going to do anything about this?  A formal reply at least??

Still waiting for a response from flare.

Hi Antwod,


thanks a lot for your feedback. You are right, the stats we display in game, are not as useful as you would wish.


The reason for this is, that as the game evolved we had to add different versions of the damage-types. So e.g. the “Blizzard-Spell” uses a different ice-damage type as for example the “Frost-Tower”.


So in all cases it stays true that the Wolf does not like “Ice” damage, but he is more vulnerable to the damage from the “Blizzard-Spell” compared to the “Frost-Tower” for example.


We are aware of the problem and plan to improve on that within the next updates:

  • We will produce a series of videos (one for each gameplay element) that can be watched directly from ingame and will show how to use Troops, Spells, Towers and Obstacles in a good way. (This will especially help players in low and mid-range.)
  • We will also modify how we display stats like weaknesses and resistances.


As you have suggested we will inform you also about smaller balancing changes here in the forum.


Best regards,



Thanks a lot!

Thanks! that really helps!