[FlareNews] Small Forum Update

Hey Guys,


We just updated the Royal Revolt 2 forum!



  • Removed the Subforum Setup that made you click twice to get to your forum.
  • Removed Forums for Troops/Spells/Items and merged them into the Strategy Forum
  • Removed the Rules & FAQ forums and moved the pinned posts to other forums.
  • Renamed some forums & changed the description of some forums
  • Added more spam protection!

The RR2 Forum is now easier to use - and hopefully spam free!


Feedback and suggestions regarding the forum structure are always welcome.





PS: The new CM will arrive soon! He is currently training to be the best CM ever!

Yes ! Very Clean now , Thanks … but we need a Full time admin here. Please HIRE a full time admin to stay online and get all the feedback from the players reach the developers on a constant basis. We would always support FLARE GAMES if you keep us happy and involved.





I like tha changes, finally we’ll have less back and forth among sub-forums, also i hope that the countermeasures against spam that in the last days become also pornography really impressive how became the forum… however i hope now works perfectly against those spammers.  :grinning:

Strategy Discussions doesn’t work, i think is related to the tag you set up on it Protected Forum tag you set up on it which don’t allow to enter.


Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

we’ve been waiting too long, where is the bug fix? and flare please stop kicking plyrs out while setting base, perhaps implement better detection for who’s using auto-click apps and who’s busy setting base? flare must know the difference. haish…

Thank you for the changes. I like the new look and can say the spam has dropped drastically. It used to fill my inbox screen and now I may get 5 to 10 a day. Great work!!!


I would recommend a CAPTCHA type system that does now allow posting or creating new threads until the form is filled out.

Having a minimum character limit or a screen that knows if somebody is typing “;lkajds;fijwapeofija;sdlkfjawioejf” or if they type, “hi.” There should be a quality requirement for posting.



You can see other recommendations at the end of this list I have created:



To be honest, I liked it best before being merged with the Dawn of Steel forum… during that merge, many posts, topics, likes, members, files etc just disappeared into nowhere. And yes, that includes really active users with 500+ posts, as well as thousands of likes so it’s not like “that random guy with 1 posts got lost”… massive loss of content and users is a no-go… 

And the access to the forum was more complicated than before, going through the flaregames/games/royalrevolt navigation.

Also, the original RR2 forum ranks were replaced by the Dawn of Steel ranks over time for whatever reason… 


For what I see now, the last problem seems to have fixed (hopefully?), as some relatively new members (e.g. Joekee, for instance) that made most/all of their posts after that forum merge, now start to get the proper RR2 forum titles again… 



Getting an overview has become slightly easier now (btw, the Admin/Moderator zone still contains a sub-forum, inconsistent with the rest) but that was done by simply removing all sub-forums from the RR2 forum categories, basically flattening out the whole forum structure. Now it’s just a simple “list” of categories. I’m really not sure if that’s better in general…

And basically, all the sub-categories were directly accessable from the main page directly even before this update, a fact that I used very often for navigation. So you didn’t have to click twice to access any forum, you could just as well click once. 



Anyway, the main points I dislike from this restructuring are:


  1. The mods were not given any info or feedback option before implementing it - unlike for the first restructuring last year.

I don’t want to bitch around too much, but the mods are probably those forum members that spend (except, maybe, the admins) the most time and effort on the forums and know it and it’s practical reality better than anyone else. Also, they are kind of responsible for moderating it, moving/locking/merging topics if necessary, browse through new content, etc etc… so it would have been nice and, imho, not the worst idea, to do kind of an “we plan to make it look like this: (…) what do you think?” before just going ahead and changing it… 


  1. I really miss some of the old categories

2.1 Having a dedicated subsection for the rules and FAQ might seem unnecessary regarding the sheer post count there. But in fact, there was a reason for that: Those most important things should just be clearly visible and easily find-able for anyone. Now those are just mixed into the “General Discussions” section

First of all, there they are less likely to be seen compared to being visible on the main page, thus more likely to be missed, thus less effective, meaning more standard questions will remain unsolved or re-asked again and again, as new members join the forum. Also, the “and Questions” part has been removed from the “General Discussions” forum, so you wouldn’t even know where to ask your questions or look for answers to them in the first place.

Moreover, forum rules are definitely NOT “general discussion” - contrary to that, they are fixed and not up for discussing - I mean, they’re the rules after all. And the wording “general” always has a kind of "anything that didn’t fit to any of the more specific categories, kind of the ‘rest’ "-feeling, and rules aren’t the “odd something that doesn’t fit somewhere else”, but they’re important and all-encompassingly valid within this forum. 


2.2 The new “Strategies, Guides & Hints” section contains a lot of interesting and useful topics. But, they are all mixed up and bunched together now. 

It’s a lot harder than before now to look for some tips and help specifically with spells, or base design, hero gear, raiding strategies or whatever, because everything is now mixed into one place. Also, keeping track of new content (both as moderator and as discussion participant) is harder now, you have to scroll through all the new content to find out if anything was added regarding spells, and can’t just check the spell category. 

And, you know, this one section (one of 7) now contains basically all the stuff you need/want to know about the game - that’s as much as the “Offtopic” section that shall contain “everything that has nothing to do with Royal Revolt 2” has. Really, on the official RR2 forum, the non-RR2-related stuff shall have as much space as all the important RR2-related stuff? 

Shouldn’t such a valuable part of the forum have a little more space and categorization or structure? I mean, when making an encyclopedia, you sort things by topic or by alphabet, you don’t just throw everything together into one place without any order, do you? 

The general sorting “by newest post” also means that many great topics now kind of disappear to page 3 or behind, because there’s so much less space for displaying them now. Most of the valuable page-1-space is occupied by newest topics now, not by most relevant. Less differentiation means worse and less efficient presentation here. And now that it is all mixed up, even if you’d create different categories again, it’d be a mess to sort it all out again…