Flare's Bait and Switch tactics

Shame on you Flare, giving out so many level 130 and skull perk items in the early uber chests and then nerfing the shit out of them and severely limiting those items for all the rest of the people who didn’t get them early to try and catch up to those who did. You’ve unbalanced the game and as one of the suckers who has bought hundreds of chests trying to catch up, I can tell you that you wont get any more of my money and I hope those still trying will stop buying as well.

Well I already did quit but its fun to still see the same nonsense going on.  This forum is comical now. Flare suckered you all in without giving one ounce of proof what their formula is now when purchasing chests.  I hear some buying over and over and over again for months now without a single item they need.  mean while the game was broken the second they introduced 4th and 5th perk and now no way for anyone to catch up.  Imbalanced and completely broken this game has been , but keep posting , I enjoy the entertainment.

you are right, now buying chests or winning them is a waste and  i already stop buying them.

I agree.  Uber chests are useful for melting down only.  Absolutely not worth buying

Well, maybe they finally balanced it. It was OP before, stop complaining. It’s like when they first added Blazing Knights; everyone complained because they were OP. Then when they were nerfed, everyone complained that they were too weak (yes this was a long time ago).

I disagree. Friend Uber chests cost 300 gems, while buying a piece of equipment from Granny costs 500 - and I’m only lv 90. Uber chests give you a several chances to get better equipment that what you have now, for a much better price: 300 for 3-5 legendary+ pieces of armor (with random perks) vs 500 for 1 legendary piece of armor (with guaranteed perks). Add an additional 200 gems to the Uber chest for removing perks and reforging them - and you should get whatever you want/need for a much better price. 

However, I would NOT recommend buying Uber chests until your equipment from the Granny shop costs 400 or so gems.

This kind of explains why players haven’t been getting good items from the Uber Chests. If the Uber Chests are nerfed now, no point buying them. Why are they nerfed now after the early buyers have got better items?

So he was right…


I still get decent items from Uber chests, my main objection is putting yet another skull bonus item in them.  I went from having one of the top skull bonuses in my alliance (after spending way too many gems to get the attribute and pearls to level it up) to having one of the lowest.  I’ve yet to get one of the new skull bonus items, even after the huge number I’ve opened from alliance events, friend chests, and buying a few myself.  I refuse to spend any more gems to get them, just another example of pay-to-win.

Its not even pay to win anymore - its pay and we steal your money and give you nothing in return.  Flare knows 99% of reason of buying chests are for skull Perks, they completely screwed up the first few weeks they introduced them and created a massive imbalance - some alliances even think they are good hahah but its nothing more than they are winning in war now because they have high skull perk , awful raiders 6-8 scrolling bases but have highest total skulls at end of war  because they have 5 items.  We are supposed to be impressed by this?  

Anyway since then Flare in their infinite intelligence decided to make the skull item you need non existent or at such a low % possibility of obtaining one that you would need to  spend thousands of dollars and MIGHT get one, yes I said thousands not hundreds, Thus telling us all they are pleased and proud of the imbalance they created between high level alliances and mid level with the full intention to empty our wallets and give nothing in return after they nerfed without posting or announcing a single word about it to the public.

Glad to see more and more stop buying them though good for you guys!  Lets see who defends this so we can see who works for Flare


@ pyro.  Well u have a point.  But at level 101 king,. I am not finding the uber chests that useful.  So I don’t buy items from granny or uber at present.   I never find a item that I will replace in my armour .  So I am afraid to buy with gems and pray.   But they are better then granny for sure

Say goodbye to top level and just enjoy the game in lower level without spending a single dime. I’m enjoying the game itself way more than before, no need to scroll to make sure you win war raids, no need to keep spending money on skullperks and just enjoy the raiding part when you feel like it. It’s just the sad truth top level isn’t for free players and “only” 3 buck a month players. It’s only a matter of time until top level is completely whiped out.

I agree with Vester, I hadn’t thought about it before, but I guess all top players will eventually realize that it’s just not doable to keep spending money and time in just a game like it was a second job. Also yeah, game is way more fun on lower levels, top is just too harsh.

All too true.  I was a top level player in the top alliance.  I got by as a free player for a long time, other than one purchase for the blacksmith, and then the $3 a month…but it kept piling up!  Every time I had to ‘Try again’ for a skull chest, my hatred for Flare grew…so I had to move on to another alliance to keep my sanity!

There is a saying: Suckers don’t die, they are just replaced by new ones…

There will always be someone new who is ready to pay cash heavily for an insignificant piece of virtual glory.

This is how flares treats all the paying players. Some do know how to stop at a certain point and to make the right decision. They start playing free…

I can name some players that are free and only $3 a month in top allis. Scrolling on some raids when you make mistakes also not that big of a deal. Skullperks mostly a matter of time and luck, there are some members that got them from from uber chest event for “free” (when someone buying gems package and all alli members get uber chest).  It’s the CoF “punishment” that’s really troublesome, because no matter how well you did your raid, you’re still forced to spend gems in CoF, especially when you have many fronts everyday for 5 war days.

What kind of black magic is that? How are they lucky enough to be allowed to not spend a lot of money in the game while being in a top alliance?  :open_mouth:

No black magic required although i’m sure they already max their spell… They mostly just play smart (one example, to get gems, they break records on each league with small increase, and working with others that has same goals to prevent crazy record fluctuations in lower league), and making many right decisions, for example, the right decisions about which perks to forge dilligently on their base, resulting many players spending gems in their bases, and prepare themselves well towards any incoming event.