Flares, how can this be???

Flares, this is not the first time players address this strange issue.


I’m level 83. Attacked by a player level 86. He lost at only 34% of the base.


Attached his player profile


How is it possible that I lost trophies here???






trophies lose is not calculated by level difference. 

It’s based on the trophies Edward.

Here is the screenshot of this raid.

It can only happen when there is a huge trophies difference (a suicide raid).

This is not the case. We are only 400-500 trophies apart. And he’s higher level than me.

Probably he dropped trophies, but still, this can’t be.

Sometimes it takes some time for a system to adjusts so the trophy difference may not be big but still it allows to strip. It also depends on whether you are attacking via rob or directly from the leaderboard.

No, it’s a bug.

Also, expecting for an answer from flares.

Good luck on this :frowning:

I don’t understand the system either, I keep losing trophy to a person who raid me at 30%-60% (just him), even his level and trophy is higher than me. I really want to know how he do it…

Losing or gaining trophies depends on how strong your base is and how strong your raider is. You are in an alliance while he isn’t so the system will give him some trophies because he was able to achieve 34% of your base. I always also get trophies when I read top 10 players and don’t reach the gate like they lose trophies and I gain trophies too.


Thanks Isa,


Well, you are a top player and very experienced too, so you know how to deal with the first 10… :slight_smile:

I also am very thankful to you for patiently helping to improve my base. You are an excellent trainer.


In this case, My level is lower than the attacker. Trophies a bit higher… Thinking maybe my base gives too high medals award…

Still, this phenomenon is very rare. It happened in the past maybe 1-2 times. It must be a bug.

I don’t think it’s a bug. I have been attacked by people with 400 more trophies, and 7 levels above me … And they get 21 ttrophies for getting 99% of my base

This fact happen to me often since lot of time so i don’t think me too it’s a bug.

One thing that I have heard/read in the past is that “raiding success” also influences the algorithm, favoring less successful players. E.g. if you lose a few raids, you will receive better rewards for easier opponents in future.

On the other hand, of course, if you always win your raids, your rewards decrease and match making gives you harder opponents. 


This approach might look convincing at first, with the assumption this adjustments will only balance initially unsuitable match making values and it will lead to fair and equal matching conditions where everyone finally gets equally strong opponents to oneself, where he can be successful most of the time. Though, in fact that means the system is punishing skill and rewarding failure - if you have the same stats as someone else, but are a better raider, you get punished with harder opponents and less rewards, the other one gets rewarded with easier opponents and better rewards. 


Also, that approach obviously allows for exploits - first just willingly lose a few times with like 0-5% (maybe even dumping your trophies on a particular other player), then you can easily strip trophies from players that you would usually have a hard time getting any trophies from. 



And while I never liked intentional trophy dumping, pushing, stripping, dropping etc., I actually dropped trophies (onto random match maker opponents) once, while visiting another alliance without boosts, where keeping my usual trophy level wouldn’t have been possible anyway, and also the usual all-boosted match maker bases would have been impossible to win anyways. So I basically used the time for completing the “summon 5k paladins” achievement and kept scoring very low percentages on every raid with paladin-mass-spawn, to see how low I could get just by using the oh-so-awesome paladins.  :lol:


Well, about 2 days later I had dropped down by like 1.5-2k trophies, and found myself getting noobishly-easy match making opponents all the time. All of those were about 500 trophies lower than my already-lowered trophy count (in contrast to regularly, where the match maker usually offers you about ± 200 trophies around your own trophy lvl), barely or not at all boosted, and really easily winnable. To be clear, I could beat any of those with just my king and spells (without troops), or even with (unboosted!) troops and without any spells.

Nonetheless, each and every of those REALLY way-too-weak-for-me bases offered me between 30 and 50 trophies, and even with a like 10% raid I couldn’t really lose any more trophies. 

At the same time, anyone weak enough to get me in match making did either skip me (wise decision) or horribly failed on my completely-unboosted (and full of useless unboosted bomb towers!) base (waaay easier than usual boosted base), giving me many trophies despite my base was still way stronger than probably anything they would have ever met before. 


Needless to say, I was able to easily get back up to my original trophy count, just by getting attacked from poor low/medium lvl players (sorry for anyone that attacked me there), and by getting +40-50 trophies for every single noobishly-easy match maker attack. And even without match maker (from leaderboard pick), I could easily get like +20 trophies from players that were like 0.5-1k trophies below my usual trophy level. 


Anyway, those few days gave me a pretty interesting insight into the trophy calculation system, I’d say… forget player strength, welcome trophy lvl differences and recent raiding success. 



Summing up… stronger, higher-lvl and/or higher-trophy players gaining trophies from you despite they don’t get any good result while raiding your base is definitely no particular bug, and nothing really spectacular.

It is nothing else than the logical consequence of the trophy distribution algorithm being based on trophy differences and raiding success rather than actual base strength.

Whether that algorithm per se might be questionable is of course another issue, but individual outcomes are most likely only a result of the algorithm even if they don’t seem plausible at first. 

Well, to make that clear, when I did that massive dropping, I was not going for gold or medals. Because thus far down, you usually get 32 medal bases (yes, that means more trophies than medals as reward! :wink:

So if you intend to get gold for upgrades, don’t drop (or only a little) and don’t waste your precious food on suicide attacks.