Floating firebolt towers

Hey, all my fireball towers can fly revolving in the air. I don’t know what I did to activate that. Pretty cool. Anyone knows? Not in battle though.

(Modified Jun 1st) it happens again but this time with the shadows of my Skull Towers, i manage to record it by my phone.

Maybe we can imagine this better if you post a screenshot or video of it. But most probably, that’s just a visual glitch and should be reverted back to normal state by restarting the game. 

Flying Firebolts… Now we know what the next elite boost is going to be.

Lmao, nice idea! :wink:

But personally, I prefer the animated firebolt towers that once appeared on some Todesritter alliance member’s base. 


Yeah already saw it on facebook group =)

Yeses, it happened like what you see in the 13rd second in the video. So it’s not just me.