Flood Zone is looking for new members

Flood Zone (tpa) is looking for new members or even to merge with another alliance. 

Who we are and requirements: a friendly group of people who enjoy the game and like to be competitive. Some of us know each other in real life (or are married to each other ) but mostly we have met in the game. Our core group has been been together as an alliance for about a year. We once had more members but our numbers have dwindled a bit lately. Below is a screen shot of our alliance information. Even with only 8 members, we have been formidable in war seasons and are able to keep alliance boosts running throughout war season and on request from members. 

We require that all members donate daily (no minimum) and participate in all wars with at least 3 battles in each. We understand  life gets in the way and ask that members simply let the leader or generals know when they are unable to play. We will kick inactive members if no explanation is given. We are willing to consider making new members generals if the situation warrants it. 

Please apply if interested or send a message to the leader Milly… or general belleange for more information.  

If you are an alliance and would like to merge, please contact the leader or general. We will not leave our alliance to join another but would be happy to accept in members of another alliance. 

i want  to merge , if you need more info contact me in game 
IGN : Darren795

i have 2 alliance and 2 account