Flothaboss and Sniper Cup

Flothaboss, please record the latest league pro videos






Sorry Phoenix Cup video please ;D

Why don’t you do it urself??? Much more fun 

Indeed, why we all need pre knowledge, before starting to raid by ourselves? 

I just raid and see where I end, when I fail, I fail, it’s as simple as that. It’s also fair towards the others, that I won’t end in top 100 is fine with me.

Honestly I think its more fun to discover by yourself you own skills where you can go. The first only Pro League I do I have finish in Rank 1000. After the first one you know you have finish in Rank X. You know your goal its do better next time and next time and next time.

If you follow someone on a video where the fun? maybe not for RR2 but in majority the video you find on Youtube are made by player who don’t really have take time to use the better strategies or do the best in a game. That why I never follow a walkthrough of someone

the problem its people watch the others play and want to do the same. Result? you have copy and copy of the same game and same style. For me I prefer have my own style and discover what its the best for me and what allow me to do it easily

the perfect example i can give. I don’t know if some of you have grow with PS1 console? Do you remember Parasite 1 and 2? when you read walktrough of those games you just find worst and horrible way to do it. Player copy everything on internet and that make people believe its the way to play a game.

If i take Parasite Eve 1 people use the tool and all CR Evade and stuffs each time they get one. You cannot fail more than that. Just collect them and at the end you use them to build a really huge powerful and overpowering armor and weapon to destroy the boss in 5 minutes

If I take Parasite Eve 2 many have copy walkthrough on internet and play this game in the wrong way. Lose half EXP and all. By example for the first Boss they use just Grenade launcher and must avoid the Flame. Wrong you cannot have more wrong then that. just unlock Necrosis at level 3 and look the boss die by Poison simple like that. You don’t need to do more or anything and you get max EXP

For the boss in garbage place. People follow walkthrough on internet and play again in the worst way. By shoot him in the mouth and kill it with the elevator. Not only they lose so much EXP but monster and items,etc… You must take the SP12 and shoot his shoulder to destroy all and don’t shoot him in the mouth. You have infinite Hydra ammo. So take your time. When everything is destroy shoot him in the mouth you will see a special cutscene and gain more EXP

Phase 2 don’t run like a fool and activated the elevator and kill it like this. You lose EXP and more. The worst and horrible way to beat him. Just stay close the door and destroy his shoulder and shoot in the cable after when all destroy shoot him in the mouth again you will see a special cutscene who show him completely disappear and disintegrate. After you must return to the other side of the door and take the 5 minutes to destroy all monster and take the item in the box. For max EXP, max monster at 100% and better money at the end of the game

All of this to demonstrate follow the others its not always the best and far from that. Play by yourself and discover the best for you or follow only people who really know what they doing but not always

For RR2 what work for Flothaboss don’t mean you can do the same. I have watch Awesomestknightest video for dungeon I have try to copy him. Result? fail like never I have do before. I have use my own skills and my own way. Result? I have beat the dungeon.

So my advice play by yourself



I have never watched a single video on anything RR2 related. There are several reasons for that but in the end it’s more fun to tackle things on your own with your own skill than with a stopwatch trying to perfectly copy what Flotha or whoever did in a video. Sure, it’d help to know ahead of time what lies ahead but that knowledge may or may not help you. My PL progress mostly depends on if it’s a setup I like/am comfortable with, and if it’s lots of ogres or pyros then I won’t even bother (ogres because they’re too big and don’t take out corner bolt towers very well and other two because they make it impossible to see anything on the screen with their explosions). I may be limiting myself but I’m first and foremost limited by flare, giving me just one league to participate to in a month, so why should I waste a ticket on a league I’ll probably suck at. It’s not like there’s an obligation to do every league there is, if it’s not going to be fun then don’t do it. And if you don’t win, it’s not the end of the world either. I ranked 466 or so in sniper cup and it’s my best result to date, though I was doubtful when I started it (would’ve done better if not for the boosted mortars in final maps), so I’m pleased with myself.

Bottomline, you don’t need anyone to tell you how to win, just find your own way.


(I seem to be somewhat talkative today, ahem :lol:)

Advice for people who want to try the Pro League. For 1-9 just spam Arblaster and after Spam Archer but keep spamming Arblaster to form a huge army. Forget Mummy they die too fast. Don’t stay under Frost Tower let’s your Arblaster destroy it. For 10-12 I have no clue I have totally fail. Rank 377 not bad I am happy

Archer only. Im rank 5

are you Mikoukiou?

No, he’s swedish

No, I mean is that his IGN

No I’m Kyungri top 10 now

Norwegian not Swedish 



The moment I realized they were insta archers I haven’t turned back - that being said - I can’t tell what the mummies are - they don’t seem to do anything…


There should be a way to tell basic units and items - if already - what is it?

Ruthless Pharoah. They spawn ghost knights and then let lose a battlecry when they die. Fairly effective


Maybe i have wrong but Ruthless Pharaoh its not just they move faster? Wait a minute I check my video of them and confirm what they do. you have right sorry lol. I don’t remember which boost make them more faster. I check its not warp,surprise or ruthless. I am sure there is a 4th one? no?

Anyway good to know

Edit : Ok find it its Nimble Mummy. I was sure that was them. i don’t have notice in the game correctly. Thanks Awesomestknightest for the info

Edit 2 : Oh ok its clearly writing in Official Announcement Pro league of January 12th Ruthless Pharaoh lol

I will think about whether to use your suggestion.

You can check the items or else and boosts in the screen before you enter the raid :stuck_out_tongue: description of boost is there