Flothaboss is Flaregames team members?

I have this question for a long time and I don’t know if its true we have heard some rumor on this forum from month ago and when you watch his video only a members of the team can have what he have : units and spells at +35 or more, gain 100 Uber chest and more or its really a rich person

my question is its is true Floathaboss is a member of team of Flaregames? Someone have heard something about him? and if yes that explain a lot of things in his video. If its a member of Flaregames team I guess he’s there for testing bug and update and other stuff

As far as I know those uberchest were bought at the time of the Uberchest Event, when buying Gems would give every alliance member 1 uber chest. So in a top alliance with 60 people, having everyone of them buy 1 Gempackage would give everyone 60 uber chests. So if 40 of those 60 decide to buy 2 instead of 1 it is totally plausible to get 100 Chests for everyone in the alliance.


About the forging, I am not entirely sure though. In one of his videos he said in the comments, that he is not using gems for finnishing cooldowns on the perks. So someone has to actually do the math and verify if it is possible to do that since the date of the release of the patch where we could get perks

I have read during Community Week Event someone have got 20K of pearls with melting. I don’t know if its true or not. If during Blacksmith event someone can have 10k or 20k of pearls with 8 melt slot each time sure its more than plausible. I have only 4th slot and my Blacksmith at level 12 and I have difficulty to obtain same with chest like 1,000 pearls in a week. I am not well placed to judge if its possible or not. Maybe someone who have 8th slot melting and Blacksmith at level 13 can confirm if its possible or not

If I melted every item from every chest during the Uber chest event, i would have gotten around 200k pearls. But I sold almost 3/4th of it because I didn’t feel like blowing 10k gems to do so. My perks average around 45 perks per spell/troop. And there are guys who are much more perked than me. 

And I didn’t spend a single dollar during the event in protest of Flare making this a game of chance. So, yeah, get to the top and watch as hundreds of Uber chests roll in.

So no, Flothaboss doesn’t have to spend too much to get that many chests. But he probably does, just for the fun of it. :wink:

I have no idea if he’s a part of Flare or not, but it calls my attention how he usually has a lot of gems and pearls and everything maxed, even if a new update was released just today with new levels or something like that, you can beat he already has all of it. It might also be that he spends a lot of money in the game, but who knows…

oh I see…in this case we never know the truth after all if its a Flaregames members or just someone who love spend gems. Ok thanks for the answer. I was sure someone have more info on him. 

He is an ordinary player who just makes videos and spend a ton of pearls and gems.

btw, it is Flothaboss and not Floathaboss :wink:

LOL I make the correction in the title

ah ok thanks for the answer. Now we can finish the rumors we have heard few month ago on this forum. If he is just a ordinary player. The debate can be close

I believe Flothaboss get’s “paid” by Flare in gems to make those video’s in show us ordinary people what is possible in this game. Those hundred uberchests aren’t that big of a deal either, I’m sure every top alliance player had around that amount during the community event.