Flothaboss pro-league score adjustment. Why not applied to monthly board also?

There was a announcement before saying his score would auto adjust to same score as the 2nd ranking player in pro leagues.

I see this only apply to single league and not to the monthly boards… It would be really odd if a flare employee gets a away with 50k gems when he probably has endless access. 

Surely this should apply to monthly board as well?

It should and I bet his monthly score will be adjusted.

His monthly score should only be adjusted at the end of the monthly ranking, not weekly. If it was adjusted weekly he would be penalized 4 times in the same rank. It’d make no sense.

My score will be adjusted for the monthly leaderboard as well, it will be done just before it ends (next week)

lol creeps 

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Unless someone forgets or there’s a lag or other technicall issue. Well, oops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Florian/Flothaboss and Pellez/oPelle did the same score this time.

What happened this PL league ? Your monthly score has not been adjusted and it affected rewards of players that were placed below you.

Typical lol

I’m questioning why Flotha is ranked with everyone else to begin with but I suppose they have no better way to show off how he wins everything. :grinning:

No! Flothaboss has been overcome by immortal madness[lr] during the last day in monhtly pro-leaderboard!