Fog Spell

This new spell would be a spell, not a scroll, and would make fog that confuses the enemy (both troops and towers) and makes them not be able to attack you. The spell would last for 5 seconds at level 1 and you can move it up every time you upgrade it

It is good. It can change the game, a little. But it will. It will become a must spell for every player.

when you say make confuse unit. I imagine all units try to rub their eyes try to see something and run like a dog who run after his tail. Who turn around and panic ?

Rather than confused, they will be blind and just run towards your base camp, or run back to their castle.

They already have that spell called STUN spell. U can do better than this 

Sorry, but I have to aggree with @Shubham92 on this one.

This is just like the stun spell, or at least it seems to be.

It’s different than stun. With stun, the unit can’t attack anything and is stationary. With fog, units can’t attack enemies within the cloud or while they’re in the cloud themselves, but can move and attack units outside the cloud. The effect should have a combination of longer duration, lower cooldown or farther range than stun to make it worthwhile against stun. One perk could add lightning damage to enemy units within the cloud.

Oh okay, sorry, now I understand.

I changed my opinion.

It seems more cool than stun, since you can keep moving and the fog effect is still around you.

Maybe it would need to have short range to force the hero to keep moving, so he would keep tampering with the units vision?

Thanks for the clarification @QuantumApocalypse

And, if, in fact, it is too similar to stun in a way, then it could just be a confusion spell. Cause, confusion is only seen on pals right now. It’d be cool to see this as a spell

Really helpful if you face by mistake a base full of 1 million Cannon or if someone did a great job at low level to up his waves at 36+ and you don’t have the power to survive 10 seconds. This spell will help a little bit. Probably many will use it

Exactly. It would be great to have to sneak yourself and a few monks past a choke point that’s locked down by opponent’s storm cannons.

and remember, the majority of the history we hear in the middle ages comes from England. And what’s in England? A boat load of fog, that’s what  


And after confusion they killed each other’s

great idea. The fog confuse them and after a while they attack each others and kill themself. I love that kind of spell in a RPG game like King Bounty the Legend or like Heroes Might and Magic series.  Not too much OP just help to defeat hard base

there are so many spells and troops and you can make so many different combos that its pointless, not mentioning how much forging/pearls they are demanding for some of them to be viable