Follow up: Minor balancing changes of last week (Ceres buff?) / last weeks live server update (30th of August)

Hi guys,

Last week Thursday I announced that the game team issued the following balance change:

“Pals and offense beasts will become slightly stronger on low and mid player levels.”

With this change, some players noticed that Ceres moral changed from 15 to 16 also in high player levels.

This was due to the following game systematic:

There is a scaling factor for the balancing values of the Pals that is based on the Hero Level. We call it “Pal Power”. That means that Pals grow more powerful when the player reaches a higher Hero-level. We slightly increased the “Pal Power” for the Hero Levels 50-130 with the server update 30.08.2018. For example for Level 130 “Pal power” was increased from 1,06 to 1,09. This 3% change led to the moral change from 15 to 16.

To be completely honest the Ceres moral change slipped the grid because the pal power factor change was so low. It was not intended. Hence, it was also not communicated. Thus, we have to closely monitor this specific Ceres buff for now.

Furthermore, we scaled the power of the Beasts. The power of the Beast is dependent on the level of the Beast as well as the Hero-Level of the player that owns the defense. The scaling factor for Beasts was reduced between Hero-levels 50-100. (e.g. the scaling factor for Hero Level 80 now is 0,4 instead of 0,45). We believe this change comes towards mid-level players finding the beast too difficult.

Lastly, the factor for the offensive beast increased from 62% of the power of the defensive beast to 67%.

We apologize for the incomplete communication. This was not intended and not our wish. We try our best to avoid such mistakes in the future.

So, to sumarize:

  1. Defensive beasts: weaker for defenses of players below lvl100;

  2. Offensive pals: slightly stronger for everyone. Players 124-130 now have a stronger Ceres (16 morale instead of 15), which was not an intended buff originally and might change in the future;

  3. Offensive beasts: stronger for everybody.


I agree with everything, especially the solution for the defensive beasts. This is a much better solution than nerfing Phoebe across the board.

Regarding the Ceres buff: one of my biggest complaints about the Ceres nerf in early August was that it’s morale had been reduced to 15 (not even enough to copy a Wolf or Viking), which I thought was just plain wrong. Now at least players lvl124+ will have this “fixed”, for now.

While it may not be the perfect solution to the problem, at least now there’s a solution for it… and it’s a free one, money won’t matter much here. All one needs to do is to keep playing and keep leveling up. Like I said, not perfect but at least it’s “free” (of course “free” comes at the cost of time).


ps: From Flare’s point of view, “low and mid level players” = below lvl 100. A lot of people didn’t know what you meant by that when the changes were announced, now we know. It makes sense and it’s probably not too far from what most people would consider low-mid level players.

you don’t have a quality system where you test such changes before?!?

Testing? What’s that. Players have to test it and then find all the things that are new or wrong and haven’t been announced…

Hm i thought its 124+ but not 125

Im really dissopointed.

everyone( and me) asking about the answer.

we got the answer. And immidiatly everyone started to complain about answer.

its just an answer.

@Madlen tnx for explanation!

For everyone who’s complaining:

You do know that it’s impossible to test every possible and impossible scenario, right?

You guys should think twice before complaining about everything…

I prefer to know these stuff, than be left in the ignorance, just like in the past.


I’m glad we get to know more and more stuff, so thank you Madlen!

PS: It’s also good to see the positive changes… Instead of being negative all the time… 

Agree im like to get the explanation.

and i can say this 16 morale points fixed the raids.

i can win raid but i will lose immidiatly after LITTLE mistake: its good

Don’t you think you should do balancing changes only individually?

All the complaints regarding defensive beasts were literally about only 1 single beast, and then you apply a nerf to all of them?! ?
You realize that Celestial Phoebe is the only problem, right? And all other beasts are just so weak, it makes no difference which one of them is selected, cause they are “defensive beast” but they just can’t defend anything.

Don’t apply the same changes to the strong beast being used on most defenses and the ones that are so weak no one uses them at all!

Same thing for the rest: 
Offensive Celestial Ceres is super strong, Primal Growl is a joke.
Some pals, like Fritz and Irmgard, are already good and powerful, while some others are just as useless as they could be, like Growl.

Totally agree with this.

I think that all of the remaining beasts need a small boost, since many of them are really useless.

At least Flare should have this in their TODO LIST…

Since ancient times… Growl has been the synonym of “useless”

The poor dog could get some love…

Maybe boost his skill range and effectiveness?

Lets do something with the Bucky.

very soon we will have 10 level if beast and i want to have terminator there?

make buck top beast

+poison, lightning, fire, heal, range 12,