Food and Gem Required

Why does the required food to attack increase? Is it random or how is it calculated? In the past 24 hours it went from 60 to 77.

Also, yesterday I was going to remove some ruins but I decided to wait. The price yesterday was 25. Now the exact same ruins cost 38 to remove. What the heck?

Every time you level up your Hero, the food increase permanently.

  1. About food, you can check this page (not full complete with all values ) that show you that food increase every time you level up the king;


  1. About ruins in the recent update ruind has been reduce of 50% of price but the price increase until you remove the 12th ruin and then the costs will be always 100 gems for each ruins you’ll remove. Check this page for see all the price in gems for the ruins

I am at level73 and it requires 169 food for a single battle.btw maximum will go up 250 more than the maximum production level of farm which Is 200…:wink:

The food cost for battles is really tough… Especially at times like now when higher gold rewards are harder to find.