Food cost 150 %... Again... We hear you

Next war condition : food cost 150 % again…

Well guess around xmass most shops charge more for food also

Guess the game is mimicing real life conditions

Let s have a new discussion on foodcost…



As I have announced on the other topic, those are NOT the real war season conditions.

These ones are the ones not updated on the 1.9.5, as soon as you do the update to 1.9.6 you will see the real war season conditions which are the following:

  • 5 battles per player

  • 10% skullbonus

  • Christmas chests

Hey … You… The aether crew…

i have so little time and so much threads to read…

And here i was thinking to raise havoc … :slight_smile:

Can you explain more about Christmas chests? What’s special for them? Or is this a Christmas surprise?

It s a helmet with antlers

Does it have instant manaburn and permastun with over 9000?!!!

Permastun is just nothing compared to the magic of Christmas…

When will it be released??


Like the new conditions! But a lot of healing though!! I crossed 4k nd now almost all the bases hv boosted ogre+wolf combination with high alliance lvls. Ogre under howl effect were already difficult to kill but now they will club me to death on my tent! :slightly_frowning_face:

A friend of mine suggested power Archers. Any other good tips? For unit-spell combination.

5 raids per player? Basically, 15 minutes of gameplay per war? Not cool. All this does is increase the benefit of loser bonus and uber skull bonus perk, oh yeah and champions. It turns war season one battle of champions and not team effort.

What are all the next wars conditions for us Windows players that don’t have the update yet…

It was done for Christmas, so players can get more rewards with half the effort. Players who ain’t busy can use champions!

@Fresh: y do know that next war is 5 days away!

Understand and appreciate the break for Christmas, world could use some peace. Would have preferred war season to be be 6 days, with 5 days of fighting. Boosts are too important too limit wars, assume champions will still fight 20 wars, or 160 raids for maxed slots, 52 players will be allowed to attack max of 260 times. SO, alliances with champs with higher uber skull perks huge advantage. Plus loser bonus will be near impossible to overcome 52 players only allowed to fight 50% of time.

On the contrary, the skulls generated via loser skull bonus increase/decrease with the no of battles. So it ll not play any different role (because even though the difference will be less it ll still be equally difficult to overcome). Champs with skull perk will hv the same advantage as they had in previous wars.

Last year : Xmass was released on the 25th december

Didn t get any intel on Santa s plans for this year

Although he s kind off a traditional guy

So my guess it’s going to be on the  25 th december again…

I like this. I will have to play less when it’s holidays.