Food cost next war season.

Is flare really asking for more and more players to quit? It’s not smart at all to raise food costs to 150% during next war season. Do you even realise the impact of this extra food cost for players. Normally I can do 8 or 9 fights with full silo and farms, now I am fortunate to do 5 or 6 attacks.


You have already got a lot of complaints lately, you probably like a new thunderstorm of complaints. I am no fortune teller, but can forecast a lot of unhappy players, by this kind of actions. I am sorry to say, but this is asking for problems. This could be the final push over the edge and will make players quit.

Just quit already then

In the war season that just ended food cost was 50%. Flaregames has also played with differing champion and shield costs. This is not such a big deal, and it affects everyone equally. I expect war participation will fall, and Flare will take note of that and consider it when deciding on the parameters for future seasons. Or maybe there are loads more people spending cash for food than I think…but really, I doubt that.

Extra food cost only on war battle, normal battle still on normal food cost

Omg Now I enter in the forum and only see people complaining. STOP COMPLAINING. Play the game’s challenges or just leave!

Nobody was complaining when as a war condition bread was half price, off course now the remarks come (although you could have suspected this to come)

Maybe it s a point that alliances paying for war food will gain an advantage… But then again when you spend real money you always have advantages, not only with this temporary war condition… So ?

I suggest, if you don t like the war conditions you can retreat until next war, loose some fiefs, everybody happy

I m sure Edward will brighten up the long nights around the G&M campfire telling jokes … :slight_smile:

Maybe some are right and I did complain to soon, but what’s next, a season where the food costs are doubled? Food is one of the basic elements of the game, needed to battle. Champions and shields are optional, you have to realize that most alliances can’t afford them, so paying 50% or 150% for most of the alliances doesn’t matter.


Food 50% last time was indeed a welcome surprise, but that is no excuse for making it 150% this time. A very good suggestion is indeed to skip a season if players think it’s to expensive, not that I am thinking on that. And quitting the game, if I don’t agree? Not a single hair on my head is thinking on that.

Wait ,we having a topic talking about how window player have less food and gems advantage than other with still no answer nor solution from FG yet and now you guys think 150% food is fine for every kind of player ??? If you want a real challenge ? Tell FG to remove this new food cost and compete with window player in both war and league . Im pretty sure that window player will have to choose one of those in the next war.

You get the picture Soilwk, I am a Windows user and I guess there will enough players out there facing similar problem. We don’t have options for free food like other Operating Systems, so is this fair? We also have no mechanisms like tapjoy to get free gems. We asked/begged many times to do something and solve that unfairness, but Windows players are not taken serious and it seems like we just keep talking into the void, nobody seems to be out there listening. 


As a bonus/reaction, next season the unfairness is even increased, more disadvantage for Windows players. I know raids are more easy on Windows, but taking away one third of the raids of players during war season doesn’t feel right for me. Want more raids, just pay for it. Again that deja vu that seems to come back every time.


When three or more wars are on same day, we are already forced to either buy food with vouchers or gems unless war chests we win give us a lot of food. Waiting for farms to refill is no serious option, most players stopped upgrading farms after level 13, so 800 bread in 2,5 hours giving two (yes two or three if you had any food left in silo!) more fights. And then I don’t even talk about ten raids that can be done, impossible to do ten raids per war without refilling silo for three additional fights for 50+ gems per time when you are ‘fortunate’ to be a Windows player. Sure… other users will also run out of free food options and need to pay.


5 or 6 battles with full silo plus four level 13 farms (I even upgraded a few of them to a higher level) is a joke and don’t tell me you don’t realize this. Since some of you seem to agree with this extra food cost and spending gems, why not ask directly for using gems instead of food during an upcoming war season? Try to realize that not all players are top alliance members and don’t reflect everything to your own situation, please try to hold reckon with other players that are in a different situation.


Without wasting gems/vouchers there is no way you can help your team, nice twist for a so called free game. Some players suggest to just skip the war season. War is fought by an alliance and leaders can’t accept that only a part of the team is able to do three 100% raids. You give players that come short on food the option, either buy food or leave the alliance, but fortunately this is a far from ‘my bed’ show for some here.


As the leader of my team, I will tell my players that I don’t want them to waste gems to buy extra food to get those required raids in. Maybe some players here don’t care, but in lower ranked alliances (the majority of alliances isn’t a top alliance) there are a lot of players that won’t like to be forced to buy food, and only reason to do so next season is this extra food cost. When players are forced to do what they don’t like, it becomes a must, more stress and yep… Players will start to lose pleasure playing the game and … (fill in yourself what the consequences are)


Some players are correct when they said there were no complaints when food was only 50%, why on earth somebody would complain about that? Does it justify that next war season the costs are (spend food for three, only get two) higher than regular? I don’t think so. When a store will come with a similar ‘discount’, it will guaranteed to lose a lot of money and even could go bankrupt.


To be clear, I will respect the higher food cost, but certainly don’t like it.


Haha Micky, maybe we will decide to sit around the campfire and tell jokes this season. It’s the only thing left to do… :slight_smile:


But our jokes are nothing compared to the cruelest joke by flares with the 150% food cost. So, I would suggest flares as the best candidate for jokes competition winner.


Yes! Complaining! And not ashamed of it.

When a problem arises, a person has two choices: Deal with it, or Run away. What you have suggested here is to run away (quit). It will not solve the problem. So, we chose to deal with it.

Since we know when to say thank you to flares when they do the right things, we have every right to complain too when they screw-up.


And yes! It is now badly hurting the windows players. But i guess you run the game on other platform, so you couldn’t care less… Even for some windows players in your own alliance.

‘Deal with it’ lmao

I know what is ur point, and I can say that u are the most wise guy in this forum. But, even if I was a windows user, I wouldnt complain like that. For sure u guys have the right to complain in whatever and whenever u want, but it’s becoming absurd: every 10 posts, 3 are complainings. Since I know, RR2 is a game that launches several changes frequently. So, if I knew that, I cant complain. Do u agree with me? About the breads for Android users, well, I can say that is not that much u imagine. As a matter of fact, I always forget to use that, because it only gives two or three times free bread at best in a day.

I have the solution : put bread instead of skulls in the chest with a guarantee of war bread recovery after a 3 star raid…

Bread in CoF instead of skulls would indeed be a warm welcome. Thanks for the suggestion Mickyoao.

Bread *and* skulls :wink:

Flares never backup on these issues. They will leave the 150% food mistake as-is.

Food in chests is not a great solution, because one chest is already taken by skulls. If the second will be taken by food, then only the 3rd (chances very low to get it) will give you some loot or items.

So what do we get here… Fight and fight for 5 days and nothing there to gain…

Usually, fighting alliance wars brings you some loot, so you can upgrade. This season Flares encourage all of us to be sociopath and fight private raids rather than for your alliance. Bad idea.

Hey :slight_smile:


The settings are different for each War Season, so the food cost should not be the same for the next one.

Like said, BAD BAD BAD idea… But as usual, flares will never admit it nor will try to correct it. So all the players have to suffer for the whole season.

Flares will just leave it as-is and hope that us, the suckers, will forget it after it passes. Great attitude flares. This is the right way to treat mistakes made.

Surely, there should be so many good ideas out there for the season’s variations, but someone has decided to play this Joke on us anyway. Thank you!

It’s not against you Aether, I’m sure it wasn’t your idea and know that you have tried to help…

For optional things like shields, champions, boosts I can understand and will accept that sometimes there is an advantage/disadvantage, nothing wrong with that. At least alliances/players have a free choice there. Take it or leave it principle. Either use them and pay those extra/lower costs or don’t use them at all. That’s also for the extra unique season boosts, they are expensive, but we aren’t forced to prolong them. As long as alliances and/or players have a free choice it’s fine I don’t think disadvantages are a bad idea, as long as players or alliances have a choice.


Bread however is essential/mandatory, without it you can’t fight. Mandatory stuff should not have disadvantages, this is only in favor of teams that either have a lot of videos for free food (I expect them to be enabled) or don’t care to spend gems for extra bread, since they are already used to that. There is indeed the option to wait untill farms are full again and attack (2 or three raids with full farms level 13!) several times a day, albeit this is very time consuming and not possible for a lot of players, it’s very time consuming and we still have a private life (at least most of us).


If I knew this disadvantage would be a one timer and then this event never will happen again, it would be fine for me. I can tell you that this extra food cost will be a recurring event, occurring more often than most of us now realize. Don’t say I didn’t inform you.


Mandatory things never should be messed with.