For a good start, whatsoever

α gαmє hαѕ mαnч σffѕcєnє αnd σn ѕcєnє mσmєntѕ lαtєr tσ rєmєmвєr, díѕcuѕѕ αnd αnαlчzє, αll wíthín αn σrdєr σf príσrítíєѕ wє αrrє nσt αwαrє σf, ѕσmєtímєѕ

вut íf thíѕ wσuld вє mч gαmє, líkє ín “mч σr σur gαmє” pєrѕpєctívє:

1.we are giving a role to everyone who has just joined the game now involving him or her into our virtual world activities with no “solely individual player” stress or panic and we can do this by taking everyone down to the battlefields of our whole server war, the war for PUBLIC DOMAINS (read: public interest).
we are now playing the role of the Last and Little John who has joined the game server. Of course the newbie me cannot fight straight mode with the top guys in the way you imagined the war. It is in your nerves to preserve the Top players position in all situations. Including your wars. But it is in my newbie interest to be part of this war the very first five minutes I’ve joined. So I am going to score against everyone on server by finishing my campaign quests. For ten quests I finished will probably acquire the tribute from ten PUBLIC DOMAINS. Now of course the public domains number is limited. The more me and my newbies get by finishing quests, the more would have the top players to fight back the “real war battles” for gaining their PUBLIC DOMAINS back. At some point if the TOP players would hold more than 20% of the PUBLIC DOMAINS then I would consider the interest for preserving the TOP rights over an aspect or another within our game (like in “our game” :smile:) far less representative for the interest of the whole game server. It is known we need thousands of player, tens of thousands and not just 100. Thank you. Up here is only a first draw over a PUBLIC INTEREST factor. It can be reimagined and planned with other values or ideas. For example if top players hold a rating of over 40% over public domains (and public interests) then you should better shut down the server and rethink the way everyone congregates here within a war or another. Of course Last Little John is more important than the first John. So I even believe the last would like to deploy troops on a battlefield as part of a large community, not one asigned by joining an alliance or asigned by his low level of perception and interaction in this game. So the main points he can gain from dealing with quests. But the bonus points will come from fighting other players, perhaps newbies, from already established alliances. One side against another. The new against the old should prevail when thinking of staying open to progress. And I am sure after the first individual battles rolled out by Last John he will enjoy getting his next victories within an already assemmbled world of war. If he fails to beat the newbies who joined yesterday and today are part of alliances then he at least get no minus points. But also his campaign points which entitles his statutory right over an amount of public domains. If more like little john and last john then the priorities should be reknown by everyone in the game server. By posting the general ratings of the top middle and bottom playersi n the global war for public interest. To conclude would be great for everyone to get from their fights the attribute of “participation to war”. Now battles are often rolled out for training heroes and gathering resources. There is no WHOLE GAME COMMUNITY PURPOSE in being here for tiny battles. War makes things different. Thank you for reading this twice.

  1. we are all interested in a nice chat. To test if the server is alive. And there is only one game where the chat has brought in not only the stupidity from all around the Earth all in one place. Making players feel sick about talking in a chat. But this does not mean they wouldn’t like to talk. They would not want to. So to preserve the illusion of an open chat topic the game has dropped in chat bonus gifts shared by everyone who has bought a pack (with real money) or shared by everyone who has finished a quest. Or killed a little monster out there. The chat gifts cases contained diamonds(game special currency) and are giving it away to everyone for free. One gift could give diamonds to only 5 other players. The diamonds gift cases were shared in alliance chat, world chat or faction chat. By the choice of the owner. So you finish a quest then you get a diamonds box and you share it with your friends. Even if they are one day friends, the feeling of being there in the right place to be works. The right place to be… this is an aspect over which everyone had to fight for. All players had three factions to chose from. So they were feeling stingy about that. But still happy together. When in chat or other forms of cooperation or co-work and communication. The chat of course had AUTO TRANSLATION enabled. Here we don’t have a chat. But we can still have a green background for this forum to make it moe friendly and readable.