For all who are curious about alliances, this is a guide on why to join alliances, and how to find an alliance that fits you perfectly:

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people don’t necessarily feel that they need to join an alliance, or are confused about which alliance to join. And since those people never use the Alliances forum, and since I’m not advertising any particular alliance, I figured I’d explain here why joining the right alliance is so important (: And, if possible, help individuals find the alliance that works best for them.

///Aliance Benefits\\

First of all, what good are alliances anyway? What do they provide, and what sacrifices need to be made?

  • Alliances are designed so that everyone gives a little, and everyone gets a lot in return. First of all, there’s Gold Boost. Everyone needs Gold. Imagine, instead of getting 500k, you get 650k. That’s the benefit of Gold Boost. By contributing trophies, all members get an automatic benefit that helps them develop much faster.

  • Second, Elite Boosts. Elite Boosts are bought through alliance donations. You donate a little bit, maybe 50k each day, and in return, everyone in your alliance gets a free boost from you once every 10 days. You get 30 people doing this, and you can theoretically afford 3 elite boosts each day! Imagine donating 50k, to boost your entire team by 50%! That’s a dern good investment right there! Totally worth it!

  • And finally, the War Boosts. The War Boosts don’t necessarily require donations, but rather, require Activity. Assuming that your alliance skips every other War Season and that less people attack you while you’re the strongest in your league, War Boosts require an average of 2 attacks per day. So let’s round that off to about 20 attacks. You and everyone else only have to do about 20 attacks each, and you all get 5 days of some of the best boosts in the game in return! So if I came up to you and I said, “Hey, raid 4 weaker people today, and then you get overpowered boosts for all day tomorrow,” wouldn’t you? It’s a very worthwhile investment, that can only come from joining an alliance.

///Choosing the right alliance\\

Obviously an alliance only works when everyone contributes a fair amount. You aren’t going to stay with an alliance if another alliance could offer you more, nor is an alliance going to keep you if another player is willing to contribute more than you. You don’t want to aim too low, because you can do better; and you don’t want to aim too high, because they may kick you eventually.

—But it’s not necessarily about overall strength, either. Some alliance value everything, some alliances only value a few things. And you want an alliance that values the exact same things you do. Otherwise you may be fighting in a War alone, and get nothing. Or you may not fight in a war, and get kicked. If you’re a high-donator but non-fighter, then you want a high-donating but non-fighting alliance. If you’re a strong fighter but a low donator, then you want a strong-fighting low-donating alliance. Etc. And of course, you always want an alliance that gives you an adequate Gold Boost, because those come automatically regardless of player strength/weaknesses.

So, how are we going to match people up?

First, I want players looking for or curious about alliances to post their:


-Daily donations

-War ambitions (Hardcore attack everything; only attack every other season; don’t attack at all; etc)

This will help us group players together so that corresponding alliances can invite them all at once.

As for those who are happy with their alliances, I need you to post:


-Gold Boost

-Average member trophy level.

-Average daily donations

-Average war activity

-WARNING: DO NOT POST YOUR ALLIANCE’S /NAME/. This a census/match-making thread, not an advertisement thread.

The first criteria are so that we can get a picture of exactly what each player is worth. For example, your alliance may have an average trophy count of 3,000 trophies, but if it only has 5 members, then it won’t have a Gold Boost worth anyone’s time. Level and Gold Boost are all that really matter for that criteria, and Average Trophies shows who makes the cut to get in.

—The second criteria, obviously, is for match-making of personalities.

The data will then be displayed as such:



[Top Corresponding alliance’s benefits]

This post is where the data will be posted.