For Heroes and troops color, buildings

also im very boring to see my troops and buildings always blue and red maybe u can add another colors… but if we choose another color it will did’nt match if we also attack the same color at his/her base.


im also want there’s a pet and aura in our heroes like the items are… but we want a great color like red and anything that is very visible color!!!








Dear Admin,


im still waiting for my gems get restored sorry when i use plouughing, or can u send half of it,… 39000 please i need that to come up in league and for big next updates… :slightly_frowning_face:

my email

pet for extra damage…, i just want to remind them ,it must be balanced the OS!.. Then who r u speaking towardly to me like that you don’t have the right to demand people … u know nothing!.. oh sory, i am not a strong player than u expecting but someday u will bow to my kingdom… u will regret it… and it is not 78k its 69k of it… but if they could restore my gems even almost half of it… sorry if u dont beleiving to me i just keeping it to my kingdom… for the big next updates.

Extra damage?

Level up your hero, get better gear, summon more troops, level up your troops, your spells, anything, and you have more damage. Moreover, there are already plenty of units following the hero - one more pet unit would make close to no difference, except it was as strong as a hero, which would be quite pointless: A hero is the hero because he is the one super strong unit.


Moreover, the strength of attack and defense is quite balanced now. A major attack buff would just ruin that and make winning attacks way too easy - so why would you even need additional damage? If you are too weak to beat a certain player P, attack weaker ones and wait until you are stronger before you attack P again - or just try a different strategy better fit to his weaknesses. Everyone - even top 10 players - fails every now and then, or has to scroll in order to win - if he attacks relatively strong opponents. And everyone can and will win battles if he uses strategy and attacks opponents that fit to ones own hero/troop/spell strength.


To be a useful addition, a pet would have to have other functionality than just “some extra damage” that can be achieved in various other ways, too…


Please not that if you can come up with some actually useful and interesting functionality (that fits the rest of the game) for such pets, I won’t just categorically refuse it, but without such functionality we definitely need no pets, as there is already enough to do and enough to run around our hero right now. And if you want something strong and fluffy, summon a werewolf :grinning:



Of course, and you know everything. :wink:

Omg idiot player cheating then crying?

Hi, i really find it cool that we can color our King but soldiers aren’t matching with him :slightly_frowning_face:

So i think that would be great to color units :slight_smile: