Force Enemy Troops to have Different Colors!

This is a really important issue that @AwesomestKnightest reminded me about!  (I’ll include the link below.)

He’d put up a post specifically about Monks, but that problem is with so many Troops!

How did Flare get so freaking lazy? 

They used to release Troops on the color scheme!  Blue were your Troops, Red were bad guys (expect Monsters cause they were only making the clothing color change, and Royal Revolt Monsters are mostly running around pretty much naked)!

But it’s annoying as hell!

And the longer we’ve let this slide, the lazier they’ve gotten!

Now we have a freaking Monk in Blue Robes even when he’s a bad guy!

And the Necromancers is virtually indistinguishable, maybe actually indistinguishable, I play on a tiny screen; and need all the help I can get!

So why can’t they shift the colors?

Blue Werewolves: good.  Dark grey/dark brown: enemies, bad!

Green Ogres: good.  Gray ogres: enemies, bad!  (Oh, and the freaking ogre diaper changing from blue to red is not enough.  The color is mostly below him between his legs and the camera view is above him over his head!  No getting off on a technicality!)

Make a Yellow Gargoyle: Yellow Gargoyle: good!  Red Gargoyle, bad!

Monk, need I explain?  Change it to make it match the freaking standard you already established throughout the game!  Red cape, enemy! 

Necromancer, put some freaking red on her when she’s an enemy!




@AwesomestKnightest’s original post:




I would like to point out that Ogres do have a red diaper on defense, so Ogres are not an issue

But I do love the idea of changing the werewolves to brown on defense (sorta like a Growl type color), but Gargoyles…those ain’t a big deal. Nobody uses Goyles on offense, only on defense, so that can just stay the same. Plus they kill themselves anyway and they are much easier to spot as an enemy troop

My bad, as I said, I play on a little tiny screen/phone. 

But since I never noticed the difference, I don’t think it’s enough of a difference!  (A large number of us are playing on little tiny devices!)  The whole point of the color is so you can see the distinction, and obviously, at least for me it’s not working.

But thanks for the comment, and I have corrected the original post.  Though, I still left Ogres on it.  I’m not the first one even on this site to post about Ogre confusion. 

Here are some random screenshots…

You really, really can’t tell the difference between the red and blue ogres.

Unless he’s already dead on his back and you can see up his skirt.

What do you want flare to do with Ogres, give them a T-Shirt? lol, Ogres are less of a problem, but one way to make them a little more visible would be to make their diaper full blue and full red instead of being striped

I don’t know how big your screen is, but an easy way to distinguish friend from foe is by the colour of the health bar. From the screenshot, by looking at the health bar, you can clearly distinguish who the enemies are. I don’t know if it is too small on a smaller screen though…



Uh, no, I want the enemies gray.


I don’t want to look at a stupid bar.

Why is half the game color coded and the other half not.


While we’re at it, why do 75% of the hero items change when I apply a color scheme to them and the other 25% don’t!

It’s just freaking laziness!

Probably make like Olympus Rising. Make a huge circle under the feet to able to see the difference. When you have 2 or 3 Phoenix and 2 or 3 Phoenix of ennemy can be a mess to know who is who but CaptainMorgan have create huge circle blue and huge circle red and you can see if the unit its yours or not. The fack the view and the map of the battlefield is more larger. You see all without any problem

Flare should make the battlefield a little more larger, add huge circle to units and change the camera angle. not behind or in side of the hero but more in the air

Look in this screenshot you see what I means :

About the circle

About the Color

You see Cyclop and others are totally Red

So in RR2

Ogres : his diaper should be totally blue for offense and Red for defense

Werewolf : I have no clue

Monk : A blue cape in offense and red cape in defense

Necromancer : blue in offense and red in defense

with huge circle HP under Feet should be more easily to understand who is who