Forge a refined gold 5 star titan item.

The forge has provided us with the advantage of creating custom items containing 4 attributes and which can be upgraded to the gold 5 star titan level. These items after reaching this maximum stage, can only be used to refine a special hero item, rare item. With the emergence of the new levels of ascension I saw the need to be able to take advantage of these items better. These items require a lot of effort to create and consume many features as well as heavily improved items. They can not only serve for refinement of a rare item. The idea I propose is that they add the option of being able to “improve” this item in the same way that we can do with a rare item of hero. In case the option to forge and improve this refined 5-star titan item, would be discarding a rare item of hero. Even though it is limited, it is only 1 time per ascent. Given this condition, we would also have a better use for the special items of heroes that we have always received repeated. We would not also have the option of cursing this rare item to try a different new item.

In short …: implement the option to upgrade (forge) a refined 5-star gold titan item, using 1 rare item of hero.

I hope you evaluate this possibility and add in a future and brief update! Many players will benefit from this option!

O que eu farei com tantos itens de ouro? É isso aí Ozeias, temos que arrumar alguma utilidade para os itens raros tenho 5 roupas do Aquiles, pra que isso tudo? O que farei com o resto? Vai ficar somente ocupando espaço no inventário. Tem que haver a forja reversa mesmo, concordo plenamente. 

You can only use them to curse uniques, if you have uniques spare. I did say to the devs about 2 months ago that this would happen. There needs to be a use for refined items, even a standard unique forge option would be nice- or sell for several million!

And I think a reset forge to original status is needed also…accumulating refined objects; luckily I have some uniqes that will need cursed when the latest cursed chest is opned

Futhermore, some of us would like to see an option for cursing rings, so that you can get back a cursed ring at your current lvl.  Given the importance of some of the ‘rare’ perks after this update.  Sure it might cost gems to curse it, but a small fee for a random cursed ring would be a nice addition. 

I’m picturing the screenshot now: an inventory littered with regen/ice resist rings, each worse than the last, each costing 1000 gems.

I would add that cursed perks should be exactly that, no regen/stun/att speed/loh.   I’m not saying they’re useless perks, but we can find/have them at any time, but something not normally found on a ring… a true cursed ring.

That starts to get into really subjective territory, I guess. I know you like the double resistance rings, but I don’t value those at all, for example. My favorite perks are the common ones, especially when cursed and you can get a little extra juice. But chocolate/vanilla.